Your Opportunities Increase with participation in ASPRS

We publish thousands of documents reports codes and informational articles in and about the industries relating to GeoSpacial Photogrammetry and other earth sciences relating to imaging. Your network of information combines a huge amount of data along with some of the most knowledgeable participants in these fields. From basic understanding of these areas to complex dynamics involved in executing precision imaging flight mapping and surveying here you can surround yourself with quality information and resources.


Standards: ASPRS publishes standards of professionalism procurement and guidelines relating to the fields of mapping and geospatial sciences. These standards are recognized worldwide as the predominant codes of ethical and professional practices.
Best Practices: With best practices for areas such as Accuracy in LIDAR these published documents will guide the practices of organizations and professionals in the field.
Reports:  The ASPRS has over 10 thousand reports and documents relating to the sciences.
Technical Activities: ASPRS offers many technical activities including certification.