LD Mobile Mapping Committee Activities

Mobile Mapping Systems Definition:

An integrated system of sensors such as laser scanners, digital cameras, position/orientation resolvers, pavement sensors, ground penetrating radar, etc. that collect multi-sensor data while the platform [land or water vehicle] is in motion.

While the Lidar Division is currently the sponsor division for the Airborne Lidar Committee (which develops best practices specifications for airborne lidar collection and the ubiquitous LAS specification), we feel that Mobile Mapping is sufficiently different from airborne lidar as to warrant a separate committee.

The overall goal of the Mobile Mapping committee will be to:

  • Provide a networking forum for companies and individuals involved in any aspect of Mobile Mapping
  • Develop best practices for Mobile Mapping System data collection and processing
  • Develop RFP templates to provide clients with a starting point for acquiring Mobile Mapping data and managing projects
  • Promote Mobile Mapping to the potential client base
  • Provide input to the LAS Specification group to ensure that the LAS format meets the needs of the Mobile Mapping community

The Airborne Lidar Committee has been one of the most active committees of ASPRS. We believe, due to the explosive growth of Mobile Mapping , that this new committee will be equally popular, useful and successful.

The inaugural meeting was held at the spring 2010 ASPRS Annual Conference in San Diego, California.