Post-Doctoral Scholar or Researcher, The Ohio State University

The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University has an opening for Post-Doctoral Scholar or Researcher that will assist with the processing and accuracy analyses of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) related to NASA research grants.

70% DEM processing and accuracy analysis

  • Process large numbers of DEMs will be processed from commercial satellite imagery (Planet Inc. and MAXAR) using multiple high-performance computing systems and validated in terms of accuracy and quality using higher-resolution/precision DSMs and air and/or spaceborne LiDAR data.
  • Conduct analysis of DEM accuracy based on photogrammetric principles, topology, and image quality.
  • Assist in development of approaches for fusion of images collected by different sensors and with different resolutions in DEM generation, mitigating spatial and spectral image discrepancies.

10% Sentinel/LandSat SDM processing

  • Extract surface displacement maps (SDM) from pairs of Sentinel-2A/B and Landsat (8 & 9) images using existing workflows.
  • Improve automated system for selecting image pairs to process.

20% Research topic

  • Assist in multiple Earth Science research topics with Earth surface change measurement and detection.

Required skills:

Programming skill (c/c++ for implementing the developed algorithm into SETSM software), satellite Image processing experience (if available, but not necessary, stereo-photogrammetry experience).

Required education: Doctoral degree related to remote sensing/ photogrammetry)

Online Applications Accepted here: