Boeing Award for Best Paper in Image Analysis and Interpretation

This Award is presented by ASPRS through the ASPRS Foundation, with funding provided by Boeing, Inc.

The purpose of the Award is to stimulate development and recognize achievement in image interpretation and analysis through special acknowledgment of superior publications in the field. The Award consists of a presentation plaque and a cash award of $1,000.

Eligibility to receive the Award is not restricted to ASPRS members. The Award is made to the individual or collaborating individuals who, in the opinion of the majority of the committee, best meets the established criteria. No application is required since the nominees are determined by the award selection committee from articles that have appeared in PE&RS during the previous twelve months, ending December 31 of the year prior to the Award presentation.

Factors considered by the Committee are conformance to high standards of technical and scientific writing; and recording of significant accomplishments in research, development, or application of the principles, equipment, methods, or procedures of imager interpretation and analysis. Specifically included are publications concerned with any type of photographic or non-photographic image-forming sensor.