April 8-10 2013 RSCy2013 Pafos Cyprus

April 8-10 2013. RSCy2013 Pafos Cyprus





Pafos Cyprus

8-10 APRIL 2013

‘First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment’



Organised by: Cyprus University of Technology and CRS

Co-Organised by: ESA-European Space Agency ETEK-Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, Cyprus Meteorological Service Department of Electronic Communciations of the Ministry of Communications and Works

The First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment invites scientists researchers students and other professionals in order to address and discuss emerging issues in remote sensing and geo-information of environment. The Keynote Speakers and thought-provoking technical program will encourage the exchange of ideas and provide the foundation for future collaboration and innovation. The Technical Program is open to all topics in Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment and related techniques and applications. The success of this conference reflects the critical topics that are discussed as well as the quality of the presented pape rs. All the papers that are selected undergo a review process.

The RSCY2013 scientific program will accommodate sessions and workshops on a wide range of themes. These include:
• Applications of remote sensing and geo-information
• Remote Sensing & Geo-information in Education and training in school university and public life
• Environmental monitoring and protection Risk assessment
• Field Spectroscopy
• Atmospheric Correction methods in pre-processing of satellite imagery
• Cultural heritage
• Remote sensing for archaeology
• Land use and land cover land-cover changes degradation and desertification
• Satellite Sensors
• Classification of remotely sensed images
• Artificial neural networks
• Urban remote sensing
• Oceans coastal zones and inland waters
• Natural and man-made disasters Natural Hazards
• Forestry and forest fires burned areas
• Land survey Real Estate Cartography Mapping
• Remote sensing in climate changes meteorology atmospheric chemistry
• Air pollution Water Quality floods Water leakages
• Water resources management underground water sources
• 3D remote sensing Radar Lidar Thermal Remote Sensing
• New instruments and methods
• Laser Scanning
• Agriculture evapotranspiration
• Integration of Micro-sensor technology with Remote Sensing
• Remote sensing for petroleum exploration
• Geophysics
• Remote Sensing Analysis of earthquakes/ seismic activity
• Applied Meteorology and Climatology
• Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Aerosols
• Remote Sensing- Satellite Meteorology and Climatology
• Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Delegates can register and submit their abstracts at the RSCy2013 at the conference website



Date for abstract submission: 30 November 2012

Notification of authors for abstract acceptance: 15 December 2012

Submission due date for full papers: 28th February 2013

Please go to the RSCy2013 website for registration and submission guidelines



A number of presented papers will be considered for inclusion in several journals after the normal peer review process of the journals (special issues).

RSCy2013 will be held at Coral Beach Hotel in Pafos the European Capital of Culture 2017.


“First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geo-information” (RSCy2013) – Cyprus University of Technology