ASPRS Annual Conference 2017 – Baltimore MD

The ASPRS annual conferences have been renamed to the Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF). This new brand gives ASPRS annual conferences a fresh and recognizable name something easy and memorable.
The redesign has been created to encompass the broadest terms for our industry “Imaging” and “Geospatial” while incorporating the idea of “Technology” as the center and reason we all come together. We decided to use the word “Forum” instead of conference because Forum means to assemble or a meeting place for the discussion of questions promoting open discussion and sharing. And the sharing of ideas and open discussion is the core value for each ASPRS conference. All these elements together formed the new look and feel for ASPRS annual conferences – The Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF 2017).
Please visit the conference site for more information