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Call for Papers
The 2015 U.S. National report to the International Cartographic Association


A Special Content Issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Science
On the Map: American Cartography in 2015
Dierdre Bevington-Attardi special issue editor
Michael Leitner editor Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Every four years to coincide with the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) publishes the U.S. National Report to the ICA. The upcoming 2015 report will summarize recent scholarly research industry perspectives and future predictions about what American cartography can achieve On the Map. The report features emerging technologies in academia industry and government and is published in a special issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Science.

This call for papers will reach authors across an ever-broadening spectrum of cartography today. The next General Assembly is in August 2015 at the 27th International Cartographic Conference in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Authors will be invited to contribute in a variety of formats and lengths from the short one-page summaries to full peer-reviewed papers on the cartography and maps from a variety of disciplines.

The 2011 report claimed that ubiquitous cartography has arrived. Maps are everywhere. Map users expect more. Big data has challenged the map to do more show more communicate more in a technically robust data-driven geo-enabled world. A few map users will use a paper map while driving however hazardous. The expectation of most map users today is that you will be able to use a hands-free mobile device to get to any address or destination. Mobile apps can alert you to traffic congestion or learn about points of interest along the way. There is little to differentiate the expectations of the mobile map and the paper map users—both expect to find information On the Map.

American cartographers from many disciplines have fulfilled diverse expectations and uses of maps and kept pace with global trends through research and applications. American companies are the originators of geographic information systems. U.S. statistical agencies have formed international partnerships to build strong national mapping and atlas programs. Maps are produced collaboratively in a variety of contexts—from classrooms to newsrooms to the 24-hour pragmatic hackathon.

Specifically we invite material from all disciplines to address:

1. cartography and geo-enabled data
2. the emerging technologies in mapping
3. the interdisciplinary profession of cartography
4. maps and geographic information technology for decision making.

Papers may be submitted from one author or multiple authors. We solicit contributions on research education production and database management topics. This report may include software applications mobile apps and crisis management information systems or address novel cartographic methods and technologies.

The report will contain four types of submissions:

1. Peer-reviewed full papers (10,000 words max);
2. Editor-reviewed short papers (3,000 words max approximately 3 full pages of published text);
3. Short notes (500-1,000 words approximately ½-1 full page of published text);
4. Printed or virtual maps.

One of our goals as editors is to present the wide variety of disciplinary activities in the United States. ICA commissions and working groups are invited to submit papers on sub-disciplines such as analysis and modeling visualization projections atlas production the Internet standards ubiquitous mapping multimodal mapping cartographic archiving and map libraries and historical perspectives on cartography.

The International Cartographic Conference (ICC) is the ideal place to measure and share our successes with other countries who will publish similar reports and presentations. The 27th ICC will be the next opportunity for individuals to promote the United States as a host country for the next ICC. We will feature the many achievements of American cartography as part of our successful bid to bring the ICA to Washington DC in 2017.

Please indicate your interest in contributing to the U.S. National Report by sending an email to editor Dierdre Bevington-Attardi ( by September 8 2014 indicating the following:

• Title
• Names and affiliations of all authors
• Type of submission (full or short paper short note or map)
• A 100 word abstract (for full or short papers only)
• Contact information for the first author (if different than affiliation)

All final and complete submissions must be received by December 14 2014. The U.S. National Report will appear in the September 2015 issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (Vol. 42 No. 4). Color images and figures will be included and are published at no cost to the author(s).

Please address all correspondence to:

Dierdre Bevington-Attardi
U.S. Census Bureau
Geography Division- HQ-4H031K
Via U.S. Postal Service (USPS):
4600 Silver Hill Road
Washington D.C. 20233
Via private carriers (FedEX DHL UPS couriers):
4600 Silver Hill Road
Suitland MD 20746
Tel: 301 763-9248

Call for papers issued: July 10 2014
E-mail of intent due: September 8 2014
All submissions due: December 14 2014
Authors notified: February 1 2015
Revisions due: April 1 2015
Editorial review: May 1 2015
Publication: Volume 42 No. 4 September 2015

27th International Cartographic Conference (ICC): Rio de Janeiro, August 23-28 2015