May 19-21 2014 PAS Technology Conference Houston Texas

May 19-21 2014. PAS Technology Conference Houston Texas.

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PAS Technology Conference

20 Years of Connecting the Dots… People Assets Information

Call for Papers

The 2014 PAS Technology Conference (PTC) will be held in Houston Texas on May 19-21 2014 at the Hilton Americas Hotel in downtown Houston. The PAS Technology Conference is dedicated to enhancing safety operations at the plant level in industrial industries. The PTC Committee invites you to share your knowledge and experience with your fellow peers and industry experts.

Suggested Presentation Topics
This year’s conference is significant as it is PAS’ 20th Anniversary. We encourage presentations to explore how technology has changed and evolved over the last 20 years and the impact it has made in safe plant operations. We want to hear about your application best practices and realized benefits from PAS technologies. Presentations on improving safety reliability and profitability through implementing the following solutions:

  • High Performance HMI
  • Alarm Management
  • Automation Asset Optimization
  • Cyber Security
  • Operations Effectiveness
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Personnel Productivity
  • Control Loop Performance Management

Presentations From PTC 2013:

  • Improving the HMI for Better Operations
  • The Benefits of Effective Operator Displays with Contextualized Information
  • Improvements Through Alarm Metrics
  • Calculating Operator Work Load and Operator Effectiveness Through Alarms
  • Best Practices to Mitigate Alarms
  • State-Based Alarming
  • NERC CIP Compliance
  • Overcoming Cyber Security Vulnerabilities for Your Control Systems
  • Automated Management of Cyber Security Assets
  • Understanding Your Automation Asset Configuration
  • Driving Reliability Through Workflows
  • Managing The Change in Your Control System Assets

Why Should You Present?
The PTC is an exceptional opportunity to reach out to industry peers and professionals.

Enhance your professional developmentShare your best practices and experiencesChallenge yourself and your colleagues through interactive discussionsExpand your professional network

PAS has resources to help prepare your presentation. Our team will assist developing your presentation.

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