October 15-17 2013 9th Intl Workshop of the EARSeL Forest Fires SIG Coombe Abbey Warwickshire UK

October 15-17 2013. 9th International Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group (SIG) on Forest Fires Coombe Abbey Warwickshire UK.

Dr. Kevin Tansey is delighted to announce the 1st call for papers for the 9th International Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group (SIG) on Forest Fires that will take place in Coombe Abbey Warwickshire on 15-17 October 2013. The workshop is organised by the University of Leicester with support from the Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Leicester hosted workshop is the latest in a series of technical meetings organised by the EARSeL SIG on Forest Fires after its foundation in 1995. Previous meetings were held in Alcalá de Henares (1995) Luso (1998) Paris (2001) Ghent (2003) Zaragoza (2005) Thessaloniki (2007) Matera (2009) and Stresa (2011) and resulted in outstanding progress made in forest fire research.

As we attempt to model the Earth System it is important that the impact of forest fires on the Earth System is fully understood and quantified. These impacts can be on climate the biosphere ecosystem functioning society and livelihood. Fire disturbance has been identified by climate modellers as an Essential Climate Variable. Forest disturbance and the associated carbon flux needs to be measured and reported under the United Nations REDD+programme. Furthermore we have been very good at understanding the short term impacts of fire on forests but less good at understanding the response of vegetation under different fire frequency and severity scenarios. The workshop will draw out the state of the art research being undertaken to identify and quantify these impacts. We invite you to submit abstracts to the workshop on the following topics:

  • Characterising the impact of fire severity and fire frequency across vegetation type
  • Validation methods for burned area mapping
  • Monitoring and modelling vegetation recovery after fire disturbance
  • Scaling from regional to global burned area maps
  • Mapping forest fires for REDD+ MRV
  • Using active fire mapping and fire radiative energy to inform on fire severity and impact

The Workshop will also include keynote lectures and a poster session.

Abstracts of not more than 300 words should be submitted via http://www.conferences.earsel.org

Key deadlines for your diary are:

  • Submission of one page abstracts by 1 March 2013
  • Notification of acceptance 15 May 2013
  • Extended Illustrated Abstracts submitted by 15 July 2013

It is hoped that selected papers presented during the workshop will be included in a special issue of an international peer-reviewed journal. Previous workshops resulted in the publication of special issues of the International Journal of Remote Sensing the Remote Sensing of Environment the Journal of Geophysical Research and IEEE JSTARS. Full texts of the lectures given and the extended abstracts of papers presented will be included on a workshop proceedings DVD and published on the EARSeL website.

The deadline for abstract submission is 1 March 2013.

 For more information including the topics to be covered by the workshop please visit the workshop web site: http://www.earsel.org/SIG/FF/9th-workshop/index.php

Queries can be addressed to:

Dr. Kevin Tansey
Reader in Remote Sensing
Department of Geography
University of Leicester
E: kjt7@le.ac.uk
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