RSAD Academic Engagement Subcommittee News

Updated 10/21/2012

ASPRS National Committee on Academic Engagement

Seamless integration of commercial, governmental and societal needs in academic experiences
The mission of the Academic Engagement Committee (AEC) is to facilitate a dialogue between academic institutions and external stakeholders such as government agencies, commercial companies and non-profit organizations.

Contact information:

Chair: Dr. Giorgos Mountrakis
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Assistant Chair: TBD

 Establish guidelines for independent studies and internships.
 Establish guidelines for minimum outcomes from an undergraduate/graduate RS-related degree.
 Identify/develop low-cost software that provides basic remote sensing functionality.
 Establish collaboration mechanisms where external stakeholders provide data/expertise for class projects.
 Develop, in collaboration with an industry sponsor, a classification competition.
 Develop a repository where interested parties can upload/download reference data for algorithmic development (similar to

Early Actions
 Solicit and identify Assistant Chair for the Committee, other participants
 Finalize Vision/Mission and publish on ASPRS website
 Schedule future meetings (TBD)