RSAD Operating Procedures


Updated 10/21/2012

RSAD Organization

Division Director: Dave Szymanski, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
Asst Division Director: Stuart Blundell, Excelis Visual Information Systems
Student Advisory Council Liason: TBD

RSAD Committees and Working Groups:

Name: RSAD Climate Change Committee
Status: Operational
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1, 7
Anticipated Outcomes:  Guidelines/Best Practices, conference technical content, student involvement,
Chair: John McCombs, Baldwin Group and NOAA Coastal Research Center
Asst Chair: Sergio Bernard, Univ. of Georgia

Name: RSAD High Data Volume Management and Quality Working Group
Status: Forming
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1, 6
Anticipated Outcomes: TBD
Potential Chairs:  Kurt Schwoppe, ESRI

Name: RSAD Academic Engagement Committee
Status: Vision and Mission Statement developed
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1,7
Anticipated Outcomes: Guidelines for properly aligning RSAD projects with University/College independent study credit.
Chair: Georgios  Mountrakis, State Univ. of NY ESF

Name: RSAD Strategy Development Working Group
Status: Forming
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: TBD
Anticipated Outcomes:   TBD

Division operations will align to ASPRS Strategic Plan: