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September 2014
of ASPRS and the Nevada Institute of
Autonomous Systems will provide the ability
for ASPRS to host live flight demonstrations
of UAS as part of the symposium and allow
ASPRS to establish the course for on-going test
flights of UAS.
The symposium will be held October 21-22,
2014. The events will take place at the Reno
Ballroom, a beautiful first-class facility in
downtown Reno. The El Dorado, our symposium
hotel, is located just across the street. Buses
will be arranged to take attendees to the Reno
Stead Airport for the live UAS demonstrations.
All attempts are being made to keep costs at a
minimum in order to encourage broad atten-
dance. It is our goal to reach beyond our ASPRS
membership to encourage UAS start-ups,
entrepreneurs, GIS professionals, government
agencies, surveyors, students, potential UAS
users, and general enthusiasts to attend.
The role of ASPRS in UAS
• Educate the public, the media and our
elected representatives about the scientific,
societal and commercial benefits to be
• Educate these same groups on the differ-
ences between military, law enforcement
and commercial uses of these technologies, to
move the discussion beyond privacy concerns
• Cooperate with other stakeholder commu-
nities, societies and organizations in the
development of an enabling environment
supportive of UAS in geographic information
• Explore the need for new certifications or
changes to certification criteria, to address
UAS-specific topics as applied to mapping
and remote sensing
• Explore the needs for new guidelines and
standards, or changes to existing guidelines
and standards, to address UAS-specific
topics as applied to mapping and remote
• Inform our membership on regulatory
landscape for UAS as it evolves
We encourage your participation in
this event, which will draw a national
audience and demonstrate regional
leadership and collaboration.
Welcome to the Region News Column!
This column has be designed to celebrate the activities in all of
the ASPRS Regions.
Region announcements can be submitted to
They will be published in the next available issue of PE&RS.
We hope you like the new column!
The Florida Region recently held their Annual members meeting on
August 15th in conjunction with the Florida Surveying and Mapping
Society (FSMS) Conference being held at the TPC Sawgrass Marriott in
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The meeting was sponsored by eight companies,
allowing for the meeting to be held free of charge for Florida Region
members while also providing lunch to the attendees free of charge. The
Florida Region, in partnership with FSMS, also conducted two two-hour
Continuing Education workshops given to the licensed surveyors on UAS
and LiDAR Saturday morning as a means of helping raise additional
funds for Region scholarships and travel subsidies. In total, the Region
grossed approximately $2800 from their annual meeting; any money
netted will be put towards helping students attend and volunteer at the
2015 Annual Conference in Tampa.
Great Lakes’ Ice Cover Nears 1979 Record
All the polar air this winter has frozen the Great Lakes to an extent not
seen in 35 years. Scientists say the record for ice coverage, set in 1979,
could soon be broken. That year, nearly 95 percent of the Great Lakes
were covered with ice. As of yesterday, ice coverage was at 92 percent.
Linda Wertheimer, NPR News, talks to scientist George
Leshkevich, Eastern Great Lakes Region, about the effects of all
that ice. The shipping industry is paralyzed. Visti
org/2014/03/07/287117318/great-lakes-ice-cover-nears-1979-record to
listen to the interview.
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