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May 2020
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David Dagostino, CEO and co-founder of land surveying com-
pany Dagostino Geospatial, Inc. DBA Dagostino & Wood, Inc.,
announced today that his company has undergone a name change
and brand identity update.
Dagostino’s original land surveying andmapping company was
established in 1998 as Dagostino & Wood Inc.
Under its flagship identity, the company’s founders, David
Dagostino and Mark Wood, both of whom hold Bachelor of
Science in Surveying and Mapping degrees from the University
of Florida, flourished as leading providers of land surveying
and geospatial data services throughout southwest Florida for
twenty-two years.
According to Dagostino, “I met Mark in 1989 when he was
doing his summer co-op and was put on my survey crew. He
convinced me to join him at UF to get my degree. About nine
years later, our paths crossed again and one day, while out
collecting data in a cow field, we began brainstorming about our
futures and made the decision to go into business together. We
have never looked back.”
The decision to own and operate a surveying and mapping
company in southwest Florida was a wise choice for the two
young college graduates. Dagostino and Wood’s partnership
thrived during the upswing of business which occurred shortly
after their original company’s inception and sustained growth
despite the nationwide economic downturn of the early 2000s.
Today, the need for accurate data in land surveying and
mapping endures and, not surprisingly, recent advancements
in technology are literally changing the landscape of the land
surveying field.
“Our company rebrand is a significant step into the future of
land surveying at large, as well as the expansion of our services
intomoremarkets,” said Amy Bright Gilhuly, Marketing Director
at Dagostino Geospatial. “David Dagostino’s reputation for excel-
lence in surveying and mapping throughout southwest Florida
deserves a celebration, as does the introduction of Dagostino
Geospatial, Inc. into other regions of Florida.”
For more information, call 239-352-6085 or visit
URISA is pleased to announce that Rachel Rodriguez (Marquez)
has been named URISA’s Young Professional of the Year in
recognition of her outstanding contributions as part of URISA’s
Vanguard Cabinet.
Rachel noted, “URISA’s Vanguard Cabinet is themost dynamic
committee of URISA! As the Past-Chair, I amhonored to win this
Award on behalf of our team. Over the last year we have made
substantial changes by implementing a “Learn-Do-TeachModel”
and adding a third year to the term of Cabinet members. “From
DormRoom to Boardroom” is our focus. We continue to expand the
learning opportunities for our fellow young professionals, which
have ranged from managing remote teams and relationships to
conference call etiquette. Our success is further highlighted by
the high number of VC members who are also leading their local
URISA chapters. In 2020, I start my third term on the Vanguard
Cabinet, and I am looking forward to guiding the second and first
years into even greater accomplishments. The entire team, past
and present, deserves the recognition for their tireless work,
dedication, and their ability to shift perspectives when finding
new roadblocks to success. “
Rachel is the Countywide Address Management System
(CAMS) Program Coordinator for the County of Los Angeles’
Enterprise GIS (eGIS) Group. She has 10+ years of experience
in varying industries and applications of geographic information
systems (GIS). In addition to the Vanguard Cabinet, Rachel is
the Co-Chair for URISA’s Next Generation 9-1-1 Task Force,
and represents her local chapter, as SoCALURISA President, in
aligning with URISA International’s OneURISA model.
For more information about URISA’s Vanguard Cabinet, visit
AdvancedWebinar: Forest Mapping andMonitoring with
SAR Data
Dates: May 12, May 14, May 19, and May 21.
Times: English Session: 11:00-13:00 ET, Spanish Session: 14:00-
16:00 ET
This advanced webinar series will introduce participants to 1.)
SAR time series analysis of forest change using Google Earth
Engine (GEE), 2.) land cover classification with radar and optical
data with GEE, 3.) mapping mangroves with SAR, and 4.) forest
stand height estimation with SAR. Each training will include
a theoretical portion describing the use of SAR for landcover
mapping as related to the focus of the session followed by a
demonstration that will show participants how to access, down-
load, and analyze SAR data for forest mapping and monitoring.
These demonstrations will use freely-available, open-source data
and software.
For Sale
Two (2) DAT/EM Systems International Summit
Evolution Professional USB dongles.
Will sell one or both to interested party. Proof of
authentication available upon request.
Asking price is $9900.00 each.
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Atlantis Aerial Survey Inc.
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