PE&RS September 2014 - page 812

Now everyone can have the association
experience right at their fingertips. The
technology available through the smart-
phone app includes accessing the ASPRS
mobile website, direct access to “My
ASPRS” portals with editing and log-in
capability, a student information tab
with focused activities and information,
publications tab for browsing the ASPRS
Bookstore and online publications, an
upcoming webinar and events calendar
and membership “Join Now” material.
In addition, the ASPRS smartphone app
includes a second screen dedicated to
conference activities. The latest confer-
ence information is uploaded to the app
about a month prior to the upcoming
conference and then requires the well-
known “shake to update” for the latest
app information.
The Conference side of the app allows
attendees to connect with the conference
web page, access a dynamic electronic
final program, create a personalized
calendar of events during the conference
week, view a map of activities, restau-
rants and attractions surrounding the
conference location, post personal experi-
ences and leave live real-time comments
for other attendees on the “Fan Wall”, a
“Socialize” tab for access to ASPRS social
media pages, and an “FAQ” tab with the
most important questions and answers
asked during the conference.
ASPRS is continuously working to im-
prove communications with our members
and stakeholders, and expanding the mo-
bile app beyond its initial conference-
focused purpose in order to address a wid-
er range of ASPRS programs and infor-
mation sources was a natural transition.
Downloading the new ASPRS app is
simple! iPhone users can visit the Apple
App Store and download the ASPRS
App free of charge. Android users may
access via the Google Plays Store to
download the new version, also free of
charge. Individuals may also find the
links to download the smartphone app
on the ASPRS website. Download the
ASPRS App today!
The American Society for Photogrammetry
and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) has launched
an association and conference focused
smartphone app for use by ASPRS members
and those interested in the Society. The app
keeps ASPRS competitive and continues
to provide members with the tools they
find essential, such as real-time access
to association news, member directories,
information on ASPRS webinars and
conferences, and critical industry alerts all from
their iPhone or Android smartphone. The app is
available on both iPhone and Android platforms.
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