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September 2014
SAC is a group of students committed to serving all of the student members
of ASPRS. Our goal is to ensure that ASPRS is a Society that both benefits
from student involvement and creates opportunities for those students. 
SAC is led by a Council of seven students who meet monthly to discuss
issues pertaining to ASPRS Student Members. What do they do?
Organize special sessions
of interest to students at ASPRS Annual
and fall conferences.
Create networking opportunities
during those conferences and bring together students looking for employment after graduation
with potential employers in the industry.
• Inaugurate new programs within ASPRS.
• Design activities such as the
GeoLeague Competition
where students compete in teams using geospatial technology applications
to solve a problem.
Promote student involvement in humanitarian projects
such as crowdsourcing the manual interpretation
of imagery in Somalia to identify shelters that are being used as homes by refugees.
All ASPRS Student Members are encouraged to become involved with SAC. Check out the SAC Social
Networking sites and keep up with ongoing news.
Student Newsletter:
Facebook page:
LinkedIn Group:
The ASPRS Student Advisory Council (SAC) …
…ensuring Student Member representation in ASPRS and more.
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