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Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) was introduced at the 2006 Annual conference in Reno, Nevada. Through SAC, students have an opportunity to voice their opinions and discuss ways the Society can serve them best.

Student initiatives can cover a broad range of areas, such as:

  • developing a technical session career track for upcoming annual conferences
  • organizing a student networking reception at the annual conference
  • recommending publications for the ASPRS Bookstore
  • reviewing books and software
  • initiating a student blog on the ASPRS website
  • stimulating an exchange among members of student chapters across the country
  • organizing a Student Summer Education Assembly

Oversight of this Council is the responsibility of the most recently elected Board officer from the academic sector. The SAC is open to all ASPRS members - especially students, associate members, faculty advisors of ASPRS Student Chapters and other interested parties.

Application Form for ASPRS Student Advisory Council Position

During the meeting of the 2015 Student Advisory Council Final Report, the Council appointed nine new members to the Student Advisory Council-Early Career Professionals Council Liaison Team!


Students interested in working with other students and professionals were chosen to be a part of the Student Advisory Council-Early Career Professionals Council Liaison Team, and are a vital part of students transitioning into the workplace, as well as to provide suggestions to both councils. Liaisons are encouraged to attend meetings for both councils, and to create initiatives to increase student and professional retention and satisfaction within ASPRS.  


Chair Liaison

Farid Javadnejad, Oregon State University


Education and Professional Development Liaison

Jiaying He, University of Maryland

Alemayehu Eado, The Ohio State University

Dinebari Akpee, University of New Brunswick


Communications Liaison

Jeremiah Harrington, Michigan Technical University

Hani Mohammed, University of Calgary


Networking Liaison

Zakiya Shivji, New Mexico Highlands University

Joseph Grocholski, Michigan Technical University

Sory Toure, San Diego State University



For more information on the Early Career Professionals Council, please see the Young Professionals Council.


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Home Education Students Student Advisory Council