Division Information and Schedule

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RSAD Volunteers Needed

All ideas in support of the RSAD mission are welcome.

Specific volunteer needs include serving on the following committees and working groups:

RSAD Climate Change Committee member: Contact John McCombs

RSAD Student Engagement Subcommittee member: Contact Giorgos Mountrakis

RSAD Strategy Development Working Group chair vice-chair members: Contact Dave Szymanski

RSAD Working Group on Marine Applications member: Contact Thomas Morelli

RSAD Awards Program: Contact Stuart Blundell

Updated 7/28/2013

POC Dave Szymanski

RSAD Operating Procedures

Updated 10/21/2012

RSAD Organization

Division Director: Dave Szymanski Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
Asst Division Director: Stuart Blundell Excelis Visual Information Systems
Student Advisory Council Liason: TBD

RSAD Committees and Working Groups:

Name: RSAD Climate Change Committee
Status: Operational
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1 7
Anticipated Outcomes:  Guidelines/Best Practices conference technical content student involvement
Chair: John McCombs Baldwin Group and NOAA Coastal Research Center
Asst Chair: Sergio Bernard Univ. of Georgia

Name: RSAD High Data Volume Management and Quality Working Group
Status: Forming
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1 6
Anticipated Outcomes: TBD
Potential Chairs:  Kurt Schwoppe ESRI

Name: RSAD Academic Engagement Committee
Status: Vision and Mission Statement developed
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: 1,7
Anticipated Outcomes: Guidelines for properly aligning RSAD projects with University/College independent study credit.
Chair: Georgios  Mountrakis State Univ. of NY ESF

Name: RSAD Strategy Development Working Group
Status: Forming
ASPRS Strategic Plan Alignment: TBD
Anticipated Outcomes:   TBD

Division operations will align to ASPRS Strategic Plan:

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  Background Activities Volunteers Items of Interest Meeting Notes   Background Vision Increased awareness of remote sensing and geospatial information broadly applied in furthering knowledge and understanding of the maritime domain  and its relationship with human activities. Mission Promote facilitate and disseminate thinking and studies on marine applications of remote sensing and geospatial analysis that...

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RSAD Division News

Updated 8/25/2012  2013 Conference Special Sessions: ·         2013 Spring Conference : Maritime Applications of Remote Sensing (Morelli) ·         2013 Energy/Environmental Remote Sensing (Steffke) ·         2013 Fall Conference: Global Water Security (Blundell) ·         2013 Spring Conference: Climate Change and Extreme Climatic and Weather Events (Bernardes)   2013 Conference Hot Topics: ·         2013 Spring Conference: Discuss how...

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RSAD Monthly Telecon Information

Monthly Teleconference 6 August 2013 from 4:15 - 5:15 pm EDT. The ASPRS Remote Sensing Application Division respectfully requests your participation in the newly-established monthly teleconference.  Scheduled for the last Monday of the month we will begin meeting 6 August 2013 4:15-5:15 EDT. Final Agenda: 1)    Call to order / Introductions  (4:15-4:25) 2)  ...

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RSAD Climate Change Subcommittee News

Background Activities Volunteers Items of Interest Meeting Notes   Background Vision Remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial data will be accurately acquired and appropriately used for monitoring and modeling climate change at global national continental and regional scales. Mission The Climate Change Committee falls under the Remote Sensing Applications Division.  Its purpose within ASPRS is...

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