“Started in 1992, the designation of Fellow is conferred on Society members who have been active for a total of at least ten years and who have performed exceptional service in advancing the science and use of the mapping sciences and related disciplines. It is awarded for professional excellence and for service to the Society.”

The ASPRS Fellow Award Committee is now requesting nominations for the Fellow Award.  This is one of the highest professional achievement awards bestowed by ASPRS.  Any member may submit a nomination with the exception of ASPRS Officers. (Per the Award deed, ASPRS Officers may not submit nominations)  

Background information about the award is provided below, but the bottom line is we need a 1-2 page nominating document by October 2, 2023.  The Award(s) will be presented at the ASPRS Annual Meeting in 2024.  

The Fellow Award seeks to recognize the following achievements:

“The designation of Fellow is conferred on active mid-career members of the Society who have performed excep­tional contributions in advancing the science, technology and use of the mapping sciences (e.g., photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, geographic information systems, and related disciplines) in service to ASPRS continuously for at least the last 10 years."

Eligibility for the Award: A nominee must have made outstanding contributions in a recognized Society specialization whether in practice, research, development, administration, or education in the mapping and related sciences. A nominee must be an active member and must have been an active member for the past 10 consecutive years.  Current ASPRS Officers (President, VP, Pres Elect, Past Pres, Sec, Treasurer) are ineligible.   

Who can submit a nomination: Any active ASPRS member with the exception of current ASPRS Officers.  Members may submit up to 2 nominations per award cycle (year). 

What documents should be submitted for a nomination?  

Submit the following documentation: 

  1. A 1-2 page document containing the following:a. educational background; b.current position, title; c.employment history; d. major accomplishments, e. contributions to the Society and the science/technology, and f. any other awards already held.
  2. At least two letters from others supporting the nomination are required.  Note that these documents will be requested once the nomination is received and the nominees’ eligibility is confirmed.

Where to send nominations? Send the 1-2 page nominating document mentioned above to Kari Craun, chair of the Fellow Award Committee, at : jkcraun@gmail.com.  Once a nominees’ eligibility is confirmed, letters of recommendation will be requested.

When do you need this information?  Due date for the 1-2 pg nominating document is October 2, 2023.  Fellow award(s) will be presented at the ASPRS 2024 Annual Conference.

Once we have nominations and reference letters, current ASPRS Fellow Award recipients will vote on the nominees and the Fellow Award Selection Committee will make final selections.

For your reference more information about award eligibility is at this link:https://www.asprs.org/education/asprs-awards-and-scholarships (go to the “Professional Achievement" tab)

If you have questions about the Fellow Award or the nominating process, please contact Kari Craun at jkcraun@gmail.com.

Full NameYearFirstMiddleLastStatus
Prasad Thenkabail2023PrasadThenkabail
Amr Abd-Elrahman2023AmrAbd-Elrahman
Bruce K. Quirk2022BruceK.Quirk
Haluk Cetin2022HalukCetin
Henry "Hank" Theiss2022HenryThiess
Alper Yilmaz2021AlperYimaz
John McCombs2021JohnMcCombs
Ramesh Sivanpillai2021RameshSivanpillai
John S. Iiames, Jr.2020John, Jr.S.Iiames
Qihao Weng2020QihaoWeng
Riadh A. Munjy2020RiadhA.Munjy
Tim Warner2020TimWarner
Charles K. Toth2019CharlesK.Toth
E. Lynn Usery (d)2019E. LynnUsery
Jerome J. Lenczowski2019JeromeJ.Lenczowski
Lindi J. Quackenbush2019LindiJ.Quackenbush
William Heidbreder2019WilliamHeidbreder
A. Stewart Walker2018A.StewartWalker
Donald T. Lauer2018DonaldT.Lauer
James R. Plasker2018JamesR.Plasker
Roberta E. Lenczowski2018RobertaE.Lenczowski
Jie Shan2017JieShan
Qassim Abdullah2017QassimAbdullah
Mostafa S. Madani2016MostafaS.Madani
Ross Lunetta2016RossLunetta
Bon A. DeWitt2014BonA.DeWitt
Douglas A. Stow 2014DouglasA.Stow
Karen L. Schuckman2014KarenL.Schuckman
Richard A. Pearsall2014RichardA.Pearsall
Rongxing Li2014RongxingLi
Charles Mondello2013CharlesMondello
George Y. Lee2013GeorgeY.Lee
Herbert W. Stoughton2012HerbertW.Stoughton
Kari J. Craun2012KariJ.Craun
Kass Green2011KassGreen
Paul D. Brooks2011PaulD.Brooks
Clifford J. Mugnier2010CliffordJ.Mugnier
J. Chris McGlone2010J.ChrisMcGlone
Lloyd O. Herd (d)2010LloydO.Herd(d)
Marguerite Madden2010MargueriteMadden
George F. Hepner2009GeorgeF.Hepner
Thomas R. Loveland (d)2009ThomasR.Loveland(d)
Allan Falconer2008AllanFalconer
Barney Schur2008BarneySchur
Frank L. Scarpace2008FrankL.Scarpace
Peggy J. Harwood2008PeggyJ.Harwood
Alan M. Mikuni2007AlanM.Mikuni
Nancy K. Tubbs2007NancyK.Tubbs
Russell G. Congalton2007RussellG.Congalton
Anthony Follett2006AnthonyFollette
Barry N. Haack2005BarryN.Haack
Lawrence Pettinger2005LawrencePettinger
Raymond Helmering2005RaymondHelmering
Amelia M. Budge2004AmeliaM.Budge
Clive S. Fraser2004CliveS.Fraser
Elias Johnson2004EliasJohnson
Paul F. Hopkins (d)2004PaulF.Hopkins(d)
Daniel L. Civco2003DanielL.Civco
David F. Maune2003DavidF.Maune
Charles J. Finley2002CharlesJ.Finley
Michael S. Renslow2002MichaelS.Renslow
Robert H. Brock, Jr. 2001RobertH.Brock, Jr.
Roger E. Crystal2001RogerE.Crystal
Chris J. Johannsen2000ChrisJ.Johannsen
Donald L. Light2000DonaldL.Light
Marvin E. Bauer2000MarvinE.Bauer
Roger (Sky) Chamard (d)2000Roger(Sky)Chamard(d)
Walter E. Boge2000WalterE.Boge
William W. Mendenhall2000WilliamW.Mendenhall
James R. Lucas (d)1999JamesR.Lucas(d)
John F. Kenefick (d)1999JohnF.Kenefick(d)
Merle P. Meyer (d)1999MerleP.Meyer(d)
Peter A. Murtha (d)1999PeterA.Murtha(d)
Tina K. Cary1999TinaK.Cary
Alan W. Voss1998AlanW.Voss
Charles E. Olson, Jr (d)1998CharlesE.Olson, Jr(d)
John R. Jensen1998JohnR.Jensen
Paul R. Wolf (d)1998PaulR.Wolf(d)
Robert A. Ryerson1998RobertA.Ryerson
Abraham Anson (d)1997AbrahamAnson(d)
Dean C. Merchant1997DeanC.Merchant
James V. Taranik (d)1997JamesV.Taranik(d)
Maurice O. Nyquist (d)1997MauriceO.Nyquist(d)
Ralph W. Kiefer1997RalphW.Kiefer(d)
Terrence Keating1997TerrenceKeating
Warren R. Philipson1997WarrenR.Philipson
Clifford W. Greve1996CliffordW.Greve
Donald R. Wiesnet1996DonaldR.Wiesnet
James B. Campbell1996JamesB.Campbell
James W. Merchant (d)1996JamesW.Merchant(d)
Janet D. Degner1996JanetD.Degner
John R. Ray1996JohnR.Ray
Jonathan C. Hescock1996JonathanC.Hescock(d)
Marilyn O'Cuilinn1996MarilynO'Cuilinn
Ronald J. Ondrejka1996RonaldJ.Ondrejka
Stanley A. Morain1996StanleyA.Morain
William J. Ripple1996WilliamJ.Ripple
Alan R. Stevens1995AlanR.Stevens
Enzo E. Becia1995EnzoE.Becia
Hans R. Wehrli1995HansR.Wehrli
Richard Mahan (d)1995RichardMahan(d)
Robert F. McGivern (d)1995RobertF.McGivern(d)
Roy A. Welch1995RoyA.Welch
Roy R. Mullen1995RoyR.Mullen
Rupert Southard (d)1995RupertSouthard(d)
William Cadzow, Jr.1995WilliamCadzow, Jr.
John E. (Jack) Estes (d)1994John (Jack)E.Estes(d)
Raymond M. Batson (d)1994RaymondM.Batson(d)
Roger M. Hoffer1994RogerM.Hoffer
Thomas M. Lillesand1994ThomasM.Lillesand
Vincent V. Salomonson1994VincentV.Salomonson
Charlie Andregg (d)1992CharlieAndregg(d)
David A. Landgrebe (d)1992DavidA.Landgrebe(d)
Marion F. Baumgardner (d)1992MarionF.Baumgardner(d)
Robert N. Colwell (d)1992RobertN.Colwell(d)