ASPRS Examination Copies


Examination copies are available on a 45-day-on-approval basis.  To request an examination copy for course adoption consideration please email or fax your request including the name of your course the estimated class size and the adoption decision date on school letterhead to the ASPRS Distribution Center at or (Fax) 225-408-4422.  An invoice will accompany your examination copy.

If you decide to adopt the book (a minimum order of 5 copies of the book is required) keep the examination copy and return the original invoice with a copy of your request to the ASPRS Distribution Center.

If you do not adopt the book you may either pay the invoiced amount and keep the book for your personal library or return it unmarked and in salable condition (books must not have a broken spine or bent covers) to the Distribution Center. To ensure proper credit please enclose the original invoice.

Schools that do not resolve invoices within the 45-day examination period will be required to prepay future orders.