Grow with ASPRS

ASPRS offers growth opportunities for professionals and students alike. Whether you are just getting your foot in the door, adding skills and accomplishments to your resume, or taking a quantum leap forward toward the pinnacle of your career, ASPRS membership helps take you there.  Just ask any long-time member how much benefit they received and they will enthusiastically describe the significant roles ASPRS played at the key junctures in their career.  Don't miss out on telling your story to new people when your time comes! 

Join.  Come to the conferences.  Attend webinars from home.  Take on leadership roles in your region.  Commit to accomplishments and achieve them.  Mark the milestones of your career with ASPRS.

ASPRS Certification Program 

The ASPRS Certiciation program is fully accredited by the Council of Scientific and Engineering Specialty Boards (CESB).  ASPRS Certification provides an employer with added confidence in a candidate. An accredited professional enjoys special opportunities and stands above other consultants.

ASPRS Awards and Scholarships:

ASPRS offers twelve awards totaling more than $30,000 in value. Scholarship awards are available to student members of ASPRS.

Student Membership

If there is a student chapter at a college, you can rest assured that there is camaraderie, unique networking opportunities, and a chance to grow and perform on a bigger stage.  Not affiliated with a college that has an ASPRS chapter?  Student membership still holds special privileges.

Training Webinar Workshops

Webinars offer many benefits toward advancing your education and career path.   You can interact with others, ask specific questions, and stay up-to-date on emerging topics.  Training Webinar Workshops usually have fees and workbooks are provided.

GeoBytes Webinars 

These are free online seminars assembled by the ASPRS GIS Division, in cooperation with CaGIS and GLIS.  Professional Development hours (CEUs) are available!

ASPRS Scholarships Open Now

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