Mission of the Society

The Society Mission Statement

About the Society

Curious about the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing? Wondering “Just what is a photogrammetrist?" Follow this link and find out!

Strategic Plan (Adobe .pdf 153kb)

The ASPRS Code of Ethics

Board of Directors

The ASPRS Board of Directors consists of four officers: President President-Elect Vice-President and Past President; the National Directors of the Association’s seventeen geographic regions; the Directors of the Association’s five professional divisions; and the Chair of the Sustaining Members Council.


ASPRS is divided into five divisions. The above link will lead you to a description of each of the Divisions and detailed web pages documenting each of the divisions activities.

Sustaining Members Council

The Sustaining Members Council provides important communication and coordination with and among the sustaining members of the Society.


Committees are an integral component of a professional-scientific society such as ASPRS and serve as important sources of advice for the officers and directors.


ASPRS is divided into a number of regions based upon geographic area. Each region has its own activities including conferences speakers scholarships and awards. The above link will lead you to a map of the regions and then to detailed web pages documenting each of the regions. Region web site guidelines and region website award criteria can be found here: [Guidelines] [Award Criteria]


ASPRS Bylaws Published in Yearbook July 2016