Awards & Scholarships – Overview 2016

Introduction: ASPRS Awards & Scholarships

The ASPRS Awards program is supported by ASPRS members and participating sponsors through contributions to the ASPRS Foundation and ASPRS. For more information or to make a contribution go to ASPRS Foundation.

The Application Deadline for 2016 Awards has been extended to

Sunday January 31 2016


ASPRS has been pleased to offer twelve scholarship awards totaling more than $50,000 in value. Available to both undergraduate and graduate student-members of ASPRS and others these resources have been generated with the intention of advancing academic and professional goals within the fields of Photogrammetry Remote Sensing and related disciplines. ASPRS recognizes that students are the future of these rapidly evolving fields and encourages all who are qualified to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

Awards have been available in the form of cash travel grants and data. To be eligible you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and you must be a member of ASPRS for many but not all awards. All awards ask that you submit samples of your work and research goals as part of your application and that you submit a report to ASPRS outlining your research accomplishments upon completion of your grant period.

The Presentation of the Awards typically takes place during the Annual (Spring) Conference of ASPRS

Please see each award description for more details as each one has specific requirements. You may also want to check out our career brochure “Shape the Future” for more information on the career opportunities in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Each award has specific application instructions. For last year general instructions for all applicants are listed here.

Please note that electronic submissions of all applications are required. Paper applications will not be accepted.

NEW IN 2015

The DigitalGlobe Foundation Award for the Application of High-Resolution Digital Satellite Imagery continues to make available one new collection of imagery in addition to the archive imagery previously available:

New Collection
In addition to archive imagery applicants may apply for one new collection from any of DigitalGlobe’s five satellites (IKONOS QuickBird GeoEye-1 WorldView-1 and WorldView-2) not exceeding 500 square kilometres. Grant of a new collection may not compete with areas experiencing high demand for satellite resources or with DigitalGlobe Regional Affiliates (Contact the DigitalGlobe Foundation for details). This is limited to one new collection that will be granted within one calendar year conditioned upon satellite availability and a strong application.


 The following award grants were increased for the 2015 awards year:

The Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship was valued at $6,500

The Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship was valued at $4,000

The Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship was valued at $6,500

And The Outstanding Technical Achievement Award was valued at $5,500