UAS Division Meeting Announcements

Join us in our monthly meeting on the third Thursday of every month at 12:00 PM ET!
Email us at for the link to join.

ASPRS Members, visit our Higher Logic Community site and find the UAS Division Community and request to join.

If you are having an issue, please contact the UAS Division Officers.

The Uncrewed-Autonomous-Systems-Division (UASD) serves the ASPRS members, the industry, and public as a resource, educational and practical, for high accuracy and responsible mapping practices, industry insights, and emerging standards. The UASD includes uncrewed autonomous systems (broadly defined, including robotics) and related technologies, including platforms, sensors, communications, algorithms, and derived information, among others. As a technical division of ASPRS, the UASD mission is to advance and promote responsible applications of the mapping sciences through outreach, providing educational resources, and publication.

  1. Increase awareness in UAS capabilities through education opportunities, and standardization efforts.
  2. Provide a technological resource for other divisions and committees of ASPRS.
  3. Develop UAS Addendums for Lidar and Photogrammetry in 2023.

Division Director
Bahram Salehi

Division Assistant Director
Rebecca Capps

UAS Addendum to ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards – Photogrammetry and Lidar (Working Group)

  • Overview
    Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) for precise mapping has become established de facto throughout the industry of surveying and aerial mapping including photogrammetric and lidar mapping and other forms of remote sensing data acquisition. Therefore, there exists a responsibility of ASPRS to ensure that the established principles of responsible practice, and ethics of remote sensing are preserved within the application of UAS without regard to any specific sensor.  With leadership and direction from the ASPRS Standards Committee and Revision Working Group, the UAS Division is responsible for drafting two independent UAS addendums to updated ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards.  There is an independent working group responsible for each draft.  The addendums will be in report format with the following objectives in mind:
  1. Sensor and manufacturer agnostic
  2. To provide any user, who employs an airborne remote sensing UAS, with appropriate common guidelines, considerations, and recommendations for acquiring accurate digital lidar elevation and photogrammetry data using UAS.
  3. To assist companies and agencies in establishing technical guidelines and research considerations for practice for their organizations.
  4. To help to reduce the overall time the user needs for planning and acquiring the desired data as straight forwardly as possible.

Workshop and Webinar Presentation Development (Working Group)

Current Activity

  • UAV Expo 2023 UAS Workshop Presentation Development
    1. Requesting member participation for a working group in development of two separate 4-hour workshops for planning and acquiring data from UAS for lidar and photogrammetry. The UAS Division is currently seeking to form a working group to develop presentations and locate/assign a presenter to deliver these workshops.

Outreach (Working Group)

Current Activity

    • Requesting member participation for brainstorming webinars and other virtual events regarding some current aspect of UAS mapping. This mapping could include robotics of any autonomous nature.

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