Permanent Committees

Audit: As a non-profit, ASPRS is required to be audited every year. the Audit Committee shall oversee the yearly financial audit. The Audit Committee consists of a minimum of the Treasurer and two ASPRS Board members appointed by the President. The Treasurer shall serve as the Chair.

The Committee shall provide a report to the Board prior to Board action on the annual audit.

Governance: The Governance Committee consists of the five most recent and available Past Presidents of the Society. This committee oversees the bylaws, officer nominations, professional conduct and external relations.

Committee Chairs 

Governance Committee Chair
Jeff Lovin:

Standards Committee Chair
David Stolarz: 

Education and Professional Development Committee Chair
Amr Abd-Elrahman:

Evaluation for Certification Committee Chair
Michael Zoltek:

Awards Committee Chair
Lindi Quackenbush: 

Communications/Publications Committee Chair
Alper Yilmaz:

Data Preservation and Archiving Committee Chair
David Ruiz:

Audit Committee Chair
John McCombs:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair
Amanda Aragon: