Meeting Minutes

Working Strategic Plan Action Items

  • Excel Spreadsheet (last updated 7/27/2010)
    (The Committee uses this to address its role in the ASPRS Strategic Plan and to track action items.)


ASPRS Committee Handbook (E&PD Excerpt)
Committee charges per the Society’s Handbook (revised December 9 2009). This is currently being edited.

Committee Objectives
The ASPRS Education and Professional Development Committee is responsible for the education program of the Society. The Committee provides leadership guidance and assistance to various educationally-oriented activities within the Society including publications awards and conference/meeting technical programs. The committee also maintains liaisons with educationally-oriented groups in government academia and private industry.

Committee Makeup
The Education and Professional Development Committee is headed by a Chairperson appointed by the ASPRS President and approved by the Executive Committee. The Chairperson serves a term of three years from date of appointment. The Chairperson is responsible for planning and conducting Committee meetings maintaining Committee records producing an annual report of Committee activities and reporting to the ASPRS Executive Committee and Board of Directors as well as cooperating with the ASPRS Awards Certification Long Range Planning Workshops and other Society Committees. The Chairperson appoints a Deputy Chair who must be approved by the Education and Professional Development Committee who will serve as Chairperson in his/her absence. The Education and Professional Development Committee consists of at a minimum at least one representative from each ASPRS Division.

Committee Authority
The ASPRS Education and Professional Development Committee cannot commit or expend funds on behalf of the Society without specific and prior consent of the ASPRS Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.