A Sustaining Member is an individual or organization with an interest in supporting the mission and objectives of the Society.  The Sustaining Members Council provides important communication and coordination with and among the sustaining members of the Society.  Membership in the Sustaining Members Council is open to all Sustaining Members of the Society. Each Sustaining Member shall appoint a representative as a member of the Council.

The Sustaining Members Council acts as a liaison, providing a forum to address issues that affect their relationship with the society.

Council goals;

  • Be an advocate voice for ASPRS Sustaining Members and represent their interest.
  • Be proactive in listening to Sustaining Members’ concerns and conveying their message to the Board.
  • Increase Society membership of individuals and organizations.

Paul Badr, CP

Deputy Chair:
Melissa Martin

Sustaining Member Application Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

An ASPRS Membership helps you to advance knowledge in the field provides a means for dissemination of new information encourages an exchange of ideas and communication. It offers prime exposure for companies taking advantage of its benefits.

For further information contact the ASPRS at:

8550 United Plaza Blvd, Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: 225-408-4747
Fax: 225-408-4422
Email: office@asprs.org


Rising Star

Check out the Rising Star Program: https://www.asprs.org/rising-star-program

Sponsoring a Rising Star means:

  • Pay Annual Dues for the Rising Star(s) — This is $175 per Star per year
  •  Support of the time, travel, and registration expenses of the Rising Star(s) to attend and participate in the ASPRS Annual Conference and the technical division meetings — This does not exceed $1,000 per Star per year
  • Support of the Rising Star’s participation in technical division work, including teleconferences, throughout the year
  • Agrees to have your name published in PE&RS for the entire length of sponsorship
  • Mentoring the Rising Star, e.g., introductions at events, guidance, etc.
  • If the Sponsor and Rising Star wish to remain in the program, applications must be submitted annually when membership expires