Vision Statement
People are the most significant element in attaining the ASPRS vision. The Certification Program was established to promote personal development and ethical behavior within the Mapping Sciences profession. The Certification program will assure the public’s personal service of integrity when seeking services from the Mapping Sciences profession.

Mission Statement
The continuation intensification modification and improvement of the Certification program is a most important task to assure accomplishing the ASPRS mission.

Niche Statement
The Committee will fill the following niches:

  • Evaluate applicants for certification and recertification
  • Provide information on the program to potential clients in need of spatial information.
  • Continuously monitor the existing program to assure it serves the need.
  • Work towards receiving recognition by states for registration of Mapping Sciences professionals.

Evaluation for Certification Committee Members

Evaluation for Certification Committee Overall Chair

Michael Zoltek


Chair: Alan Mikuni

Dave McKay

Frank Taylor


Chair: Karl Heidemann

Sanchit Agarwal

Al Karlin

Remote Sensing and GIS 

Chair: Tommy Jordan

Srinivasan Dharmapuri

Paul Ogino


Chair: Eric Andelin

Amr Abd-Elrahman

Benjamin Wilkinson