Interim and Subject to final ASPRS Board Approval


Committee Name: Data Preservation and Archiving Committee

 Committee Type: Standing

 Committee Function: Project/Liaison-Perpetual

  •  The purpose of this committee is to provide an open forum for gathering and disseminating information about data preservation and archiving practices and procedures as a service to ASPRS members.

Committee Chair:

  • Approved by ASPRS President.
  • Responsible for: setting committee meeting agenda; meeting announcements and records; chairing meetings; maintaining committee roster; submitting to ASPRS Board of Directors written semi-annual committee reports; attending Board of Directors meeting when committee is recommending policy change or Board action; submitting to ASPRS President on an annual basis the committee’s proposed goals and objectives for that year.

Committee Makeup:

  • The committee shall comprise no less than five members of the Society. The three major segments of the Society membership (government private and academic) shall be reflected in the committee composition. Members shall be appointed on recommendation of the committee chair. Members may serve consecutive terms. The ASPRS President and Executive Director or designee shall serve as ex officio members.
  • Responsible for: attending meetings held in person or through telecons; addressing and evaluating all charges to the committee; other functions as assigned by the Chair.

Committee Objectives:

  • As needed form subcommittees to address a broad scope of data preservation and archiving issues.
  • Develop and maintain a strategic plan for this committee.
  • Formulate recommendations regarding standards and procedures used by archiving facilities and post on the DPAC web site.
  • Maintain register/roster of archiving facilities and archival holdings to serve over the Internet
  • Organize and conduct technical sessions forums and workshops for data preservation and archiving
  • Establish mechanisms for investigating new technologies regarding data preservation and archiving; and the potential impact of new technologies on preservation and archiving
  • Liaise with ASPRS Division Directors ASPRS Committee Chairs and outside organizations on matters relating to data preservation and archiving and for assistance in gathering and disseminating technical information and membership expertise

Committee Authority:

Cannot expend funds or make other commitments on behalf of the Society unless specifically approved by the ASPRS Executive Committee or Board of Directors. Cannot speak for the Society

(Approved by Board of Directors 04/10/2014)