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July 2016
The ASPRS of 2014 vs. the ASPRS of 2016
Geospatial information answers the questions who, what,
when, and primarily where. ASPRS is committed to providing
the highest quality spatial information to all people to
improve their quality of life through better understanding
and effective decision making. Founded in 1934 as a not-for-
profit scientific and educational organization, ASPRS has
given increasing service to the scientific, user communities,
and the nation. ASPRS develops the geospatial arts and
sciences through its technical divisions: photogrammetry,
remote sensing, geographic information systems, Lidar,
unmanned and autonomous systems, and professional
Global development and application of imaging and
geospatial information improves decision-making, sustains
communities, and enhances quality of life.
To promote and advocate imaging and geospatial science
for informed, scientifically valid, and technologically sound
observations of Earth conditions and trends that lead to
improved and effective decision-making.
Core Values
Adoption and practice of the scientific method advances
imaging and geospatial science and technology.
Development and dissemination of guidelines and
standards facilitates accessible and reliable use of
imaging and geospatial information.
Development of new imaging sensors and platforms
improves applications by practitioners.
Expansion of a diverse community of geospatially literate
students and professionals sustains our community.
Adherence to ethical standards strengthens student
learning and professional practice.
Advocacy of relevant imaging and geospatially-relevant
policies promotes sustainable development and use of
Earth resources.
Scope of Society Interest
The core technical areas represented by ASPRS are
photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information
systems (GIS), Lidar, and unmanned and autonomous
Systems (UAS). Related technical areas include, but are not
limited to, cartography, georeferencing, spatial positioning,
geodesy, image processing, robotics, photo interpretation,
sensors, data management, sensor networks, and geospatial
“big data”. The Society’s integration of core and supporting
technologies to real-world applications are currently
concentrated in the areas of: mapping; environmental and
natural resources; transportation, forensics, defense and
intelligence, modeling; simulation; visualization; close range;
Things are changing…
experience the new, refreshed and revised
Directors are members of the Board of Directors of the
Society. In addition, the Chair of the Sustaining Members
Council represents that segment of the membership on the
Board of Directors and the Chair of the Student Advisory
Council is a non-voting representative of that segment of the
Society Foundation
In 2004, ASPRS launched the ASPRS Foundation, Inc.,
an independent 501 (c) 3 organization that raises, invests,
and grants funds to the ASPRS Awards and Scholarships
Program. The original American Society of Photogrammetry
(ASP) Foundation was formed initially in 1979, and later
transformed to become the International Geographic
Information Foundation (IGIF). In late 2003, oversight
of IGIF was transferred to The Association of American
Geographers (AAG), a sister society and longtime co-sponsor
of the IGIF. ASPRS subsequently negotiated an agreement
with the AAG for ASPRS to re-establish stewardship over
the organization.
The ASPRS Foundation maintains an extensive and
broadly- based program that provides grants, scholarships,
loans and other forms of aid to individuals or organizations
pursuing knowledge of imaging and geospatial information
science and technology, and their applications across the
scientific, governmental, and commercial sectors. A key
short-term goal of the Foundation is to fully endow all
existing ASPRS awards and scholarships. ASPRS has
set aside funds from the Society’s reserve fund to match
individual ASPRS member and regional contributions to the
Foundation. The activities, bylaws, operating procedures,
and Board of Trustees are listed at
and donations may be made online at
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