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February 2014
Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE)
Civil Commercial Imagery Evaluation Workshop
Something unique is happening
this year! The annual Joint Agency
Commercial Imagery Evaluation
(JACIE) Civil Commercial Imagery
Evaluation Workshop is being held
during a portion of the ASPRS Spring
2014 conference. The intent of the
JACIE workshop is to exchange
information regarding the character-
ization and application of the civil
and commercial imagery used by the
Government. The JACIE workshop is
hosted by the JACIE team made up
of representatives from the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA), the National Oceanic
Atmospheric Association (NOAA),
the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA) and the United
States Geological Survey (USGS).
There will be joint ASPRS/JACIE
keynote speakers to open the JACIE
Workshop and the second day of ASPRS
conference sessions on Wednesday.
ASPRS/JACIE Keynote speakers
Dr. Frank Kelly, USGS EROS Director,
and Dave Hodgson, Managing Director
of Disaster Monitoring Constellation
International Imaging Limited
(DMCii) will share their insights
into the future of remote sensing.
There are two exceptional joint
sessions being held on Wednesday
and Thursday in which attendees of
each venue are welcome to participate.
Immediately following the Wednesday
morning joint plenary session, the
first joint session will feature agency
speakers from USGS, USDA, NOAA,
and NASA. discussing systems, appli-
cations, plans, and policies of interest
(JACIE Session #1a), followed by a
Question and Answer panel session
(JACIE Session #1b) involving the
morning’s agency and keynote speakers
where audience participation related
to imagery characterization, science,
and applications research, as well
as government-sponsored data pro-
grams is welcome and encouraged.
The Joint ASPRS/JACIE session at
11:00 a.m. on Thursday will focus on
the quality of data from the Landsat 8
satellite, with presentations detailing
the radiometric, geometric, and spatial
performance of the sensors aboard
Landsat 8, in addition to new data
quality features included with this
imagery. “Landsat information is truly
a national asset, providing an import-
ant and unique capability that benefits
Federal, state, and local governments;
global change science; academia, and
the private sector” according to USGS
EROS Director, Dr. Frank Kelly.
Do not miss this unique opportunity
to partake in some of the best in remote
sensing sessions; mark your calendars
for the ASPRS/JACIE Plenary and
joint ASPRS/JACIE Sessions 1a-1b
sessions on Wednesday, and the joint
ASPRS/JACIE Session #5 on Thursday.
The ASPRS is also offering a special
Greg Stensaas, USGS Remote Sensing-Chair project manager
and JACIE Co-Chair, introduces USDA Agency Speaker, Glenn
Bethel, at the 2013 JACIE Workshop in Saint Louis, MO.
Roberta E. Lenczowski, Keynote speaker
at the 2013 JACIE Workshop in Saint
Louis, MO.
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