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February 2014
Kimberly A. Tilley, ASPRS Associate Executive Director and
Director of Communications, passed away suddenly Friday eve-
ning, December 27, 2013 at her home in Bethesda, Maryland.
Tilley was a very critical resource to ASPRS, not only to
her fellow staff members but to the Society’s leadership and
the membership at large. Tilley enjoyed a distinguished 15
year career with ASPRS and was most well-known for her
unending commitment and devotion to students in general,
and specifically to the ASPRS student members. Her contri-
butions to the health of the Society have been numerous and
many of her most significant contributions have occurred well
below the radar screen and thus were mostly invisible to the
membership. Nevertheless, ASPRS would not be where it is
today without Tilley’s untiring devotion; she truly cared for
the Society, its members and its mission.
Many people have reached out to ASPRS expressing kind
words and memories of the ways Kim Tilley impacted their
lives and the life of ASPRS. We thought it fitting to allow for
those sentiments to be expressed below.
In Memoriam
A. T
Indispensable Confidant and Lifelong Mentor
I first met Kim in the spring of 2001 at an Executive Com-
mittee meeting in St. Louis, and was immediately impressed
with her knowledge, experience and understanding of the
Society’s affairs. None of that changed over the next 12 years
other than I gained a better appreciation of her patience,
friendliness and never-ending sense of humor.
Kim’s name has been synonymous with ASPRS ever since I
can remember. She was always there when you needed her
and worked tirelessly. I enjoyed working with her and she
will sorely be missed.
I got to know Kim through the years: she was always there
when I needed to talk with somebody at ASPRS.
Kim was the voice of the ASPRS. Her name will forever be
Kim of ASPRS.
As an ASPRS student member, Kim Tilley’s name is ev-
er-present. Most prominently in
magazine, friendly
email reminders, and Student Advisory Council communi-
cations her support of students appeared nothing short of
tireless. A few of us were fortunate enough to meet her at the
2013 National Conference and experience live and in-person
her genuine dedication to students and deft management of
several challenges. She leaves us to grieve her loss and to
celebrate her remarkable champion spirit.
I came to know Kim for many years in the professional realm
of ASPRS, but it grew to admiration, respect, a resource, and
as a friend. My memories of Kim can be summed in her com-
passionate advice “this is how you do it” when I am frantic
about meeting a deadline of an article or a conference pro-
gram. My attendance to an ASPRS activity is never complete
January 24, 1953–December 27, 2013
Beloved wife and mother, Kim Tilley is survived by her husband John Mayo,
daughter Kathleen Mayo, her parents Dr. Russell M. Tilley, Jr., Betty Ritter Tilley,
and her brother Richard M. Tilley.
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