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February 2014
(via its wholly owned subsidiary, QCoherent
Software LLC) is pleased to announce LP360 2013.2,
the second major release of LP360 for the 2013 calen-
dar year. This release includes numerous new features
aimed at different lidar exploitation workflows. All new
features are available in all three versions of LP360.
For more information please visit our website geocue.
com or contact us via email
, will support data analysis of images from
SkySat-1, the first in a planned constellation of 24 sat-
ellites from Skybox Imaging . Support for SkySat-1 will
be available in the early 2014 release of the company’s
ENVI image analysis software. ENVI image analy-
sis software is a core offering of the Exelis ISR and
Analytics strategic growth platform, providing custom-
ers analytics in commercial, intelligence and tactical
military applications. The high resolution SkySat-1
imagery, combined with the ability to extract useful
information with ENVI not immediately discernible by
the human eye, means imagery can be used outside of
traditional applications. For more information, visit our
website at
Quantum Spatial, Inc.
merly Aero-Metric, Inc.), has
recently entered into a Master
Services Agreement with
Hawkeye Helicopter, LLC
(Hawkeye) to provide preci-
sion helicopter-mounted lidar
solutions to both Quantum
Spatial and Hawkeye clients.
Through this agreement,
Quantum Spatial’s High Accuracy Mapping system
pod will be mounted on one of Hawkeye’s helicopters
while an on-board computer collects and stores the
data sets or point clouds. Each of the points contained
within these data sets or point clouds are geographi-
cally referenced, tying each point to a precise latitude,
longitude, and altitude or elevation. These data sets or
point clouds are then analyzed, classified, and compiled
by lidar specialists. The system was recently used to fly
a transportation solution project in Kansas. For more
detailed information please call 1-855-255-5212 or visit
’s Information Systems group announced today
that it has signed an agreement with the European
Space Agency (ESA) to provide RADARSAT-2 informa-
tion to user groups under ESA’s Third Party Mission
Program. The RADARSAT information will be used to
perform research and develop applications and services
such as ice monitoring, pollution monitoring, disaster
management, agricultural monitoring and forest man-
agement. For more information please visit our website
announced the release of LP360 Project
Publisher. LP360 Project Publisher is a free application
that allows users to create metadata for a collection of
point cloud files (in LAS format) and, optionally, pub-
lish to ArcGIS
Online. With LP360 Project Publisher
users can generate a shape file containing features that
represent (one feature per file) the Minimum Bounding
Rectangle of each LAS file as well as associated meta-
data (file name, point counts and so forth). To download
a free LP360 Project Publisher visit
Topcon Positioning Group
announced the new
FC-336 data controller designed specifically for the
construction industry. In addition to providing field
crews with access to MAGNET™ Enterprise to send
and receive data files, the new controller operates with
Topcon MAGNET Field, Site and Layout software, as
well as Topcon Pocket 3D. The compact, lightweight
handheld controller works with all Topcon GNSS
receivers and total stations. For information, visit
Four scientists are being inducted into the Los Alamos
National Laboratory Fellows, a distinguished organi-
zation that honors outstanding contributions to science
and technology. Today, Laboratory Director Charles
McMillan appoints new Fellows Mark Chadwick,
Cheryl Kuske, Geoff Reeves and
Frank Pabian
Laboratory Fellows are lauded for their sustained, high-
level achievements and exceptional promise. Fewer
than two percent of the Lab’s technical staff attain
fellow status, and for 30 years the fellows’ organization
has helped guide the laboratory’s scientific direction.
Frank Pabian
, of the International Research and
Analysis group, is internationally recognized for
his support of global security. A geospatial and
remote-sensing specialist, Pabian is renowned for
developing and applying new methodologies and
science-based solutions to nuclear nonproliferation.
Pabian’s extensive nonproliferation intelligence and
satellite-imagery analysis garnered notable awards
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