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July 2016
a. Bylaws
The Committee shall be responsible for periodically
reviewing the Operating Procedures of the Society to
determine if they are consistent with these Bylaws and,
as appropriate, recommending to the Board of Directors
amendment or extension of the Bylaws. The Committee
shall advise the officers or directors of Bylaws requirements
relative to current or proposed Society actions.
b. Nominations
The Committee shall nominate candidates for Society of-
fices as required by Article IV of these Bylaws.
c. Professional Conduct
The Committee shall be the custodian of the Society Code
of Professional Ethics, responsible for preparing and rec-
ommending standards of professional conduct and the
procedures to be followed in professional conduct inves-
tigations; take responsibility for review and investigation
of all questions of professional conduct, to include charges
against a member of the Society. The Committee shall
inform the Board of Directors of its decisions on all cases
considered, including its recommendations for Society ac-
tion when necessary. The Board of Directors, after review
of the report of the Committee concerning a case of vio-
lation of the Code of Professional Ethics, shall vote to de-
cide whether formal hearings should be held by the Board
of Directors. If the vote is negative, the case is closed. If
affirmative, the Board of Directors in formal session shall
hear all evidence and decide by secret ballot on appropri-
ate action. A vote of three-quarters of the Directors pres-
ent at a duly convened Board meeting shall be required
for any action described in this Section 7(c).
d. External Relations
The Committee shall identify relationships with external
organizations and designate representation or liaison
where required.
Section 8. Committee Expenses
Operating expenses for committees shall be included in the
Society budget process. Committee chairs shall provide esti-
mates and reports of expenses as required by the Executive
Section 9. Assignment of Responsibilities
Detailed assignments of responsibilities to Permanent Com-
mittees, Standing Committees, and Task Forces shall be in
the form of a written charter approved by the Board of Direc-
tors and published in the Society’s Operating Procedures. An
annual charge or set of tasks may be added by the President.
Section 1. Membership Dues and Fees
Membership dues and other fees shall be determined annually
by the Board of Directors after considering the recommenda-
tions of the Executive Director. New memberships shall begin
in the month dues are received and are subject to renewal 12
months later, i.e., the anniversary date. Dues shall be collect-
ed from all categories of membership.
Section 2. Budget
The Executive Director shall prepare an annual budget pro-
posal for the Society showing projected receipts and expen-
ditures for the ensuing fiscal year with recommendations for
dues and fees structure, supported with records of receipt and
expenditure data for the current and the previous fiscal year.
The budget planning process shall include submission of re-
quests from the Council chairs. The budget shall be submitted
to the Board of Directors for discussion, recommendation, and
approval at its last meeting prior to the beginning of the fiscal
Section 1. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall have control and direction of the
affairs of the Society and shall determine its policies in accor-
dance with the laws under which the Society is organized and
within the provisions of the Bylaws. Its powers and responsi-
bilities shall include the following:
a. To have, hold, and administer the property and funds of
the Society;
b. To adopt and publish an annual budget for the Society, to
review the annual audit of Society accounts, and to review
the Society’s financial policies;
c. To determine the privileges of members and the dues and
fees to be paid by them;
d. To confirm the appointment, contractual arrangements
and compensation for the Executive Director, who shall
serve at the direction of the Board and who shall be subject
to removal from office at any time for cause by a majori-
ty vote of the Directors present at a duly convened Board
e. To make appropriations for specific purposes;
f. To authorize public statements on behalf of the Society;
g. To foster and oversee relations with related organizations
h. To adopt changes to the Bylaws of the Society;
i. To report Board actions to the members of the Society;
j. To take measures to advance the disciplines and interests
of the Society and of the profession; and
k. To fill vacancies on the Board of Directors caused by death,
disability, or flagrant neglect of performance, after declar-
ing the office vacant.
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