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July 2016
b. A simple majority of the voting members of the Board of
Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the
Board. If fewer than a simple majority are in attendance,
the presiding officer may adjourn from time to time until
a quorum is present when motions are necessary.
c. In the event of absence of any member of the Board of
Directors from two consecutive meetings of the Board, the
Executive Director shall call the matter to the attention
of the Board. A Director who misses two or more consec-
utive meetings of the Board may be removed for flagrant
neglect of performance by a vote of a majority of the oth-
er Directors then serving on the Board (not counting the
Director in question either to a quorum or for that vote).
d. Elective Officers and members of the Board of Directors
shall not receive any compensation for their services but
may be authorized reimbursement for expenses in accor-
dance with Society policies and procedures for such pay-
Section 3. Telephone Conference/Mail Ballot/Email
a. When consideration of any matter by the Board of Direc-
tors is required earlier than its next meeting, this may be
accomplished by a meeting using electronic teleconference/
video conference. Passage of such votes shall be as speci-
fied in the appropriate sections of these Bylaws.
b. Except as may be otherwise provided in these Bylaws,
any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting
of the Board of Directors may be taken without a meeting,
provided all Directors consent in writing, including by
mail, fax, or e-mail, and set forth in the same writing the
action or decision taken or made. Unanimous consent in
writing shall have the same force and effect as a decision
made by vote at a meeting, and may be described as such
in any document executed by or on behalf of the Society.
Section 4. Membership Ballots
Whenever, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, any ma-
jor question shall arise which it believes should be put to a
vote of the membership and when it deems it is not expedient
to call a Special Meeting for such purpose, the Board may,
unless otherwise required by these Bylaws, submit such a
matter to the membership in writing by mail and/or electronic
vote. The question thus presented shall be decided according
to a majority of the votes cast by mail and/or electronically
within 30 days after its submission to the membership, pro-
vided that votes of at least 10% of the Society members eligi-
ble to vote shall be received. Action taken as a result of such
vote shall be binding upon the Society in the same manner as
would action taken at a duly called meeting.
Section 1. Purpose
The Society shall have an active publications program to fos-
ter and promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and infor-
mation about the sciences, technology, engineering, and op-
erations in photogrammetry, remote sensing, and the related
sciences and disciplines of the profession.
Section 2. Society Publications
The Society shall publish an Official Journal and other pub-
lications such as a Newsletter, manuals, proceedings of tech-
nical meetings, and monographs, as determined by the Board
of Directors.
Section 3. Official Journal
All members eligible to vote shall be entitled to receive the
Official Journal and Newsletter. Notices and announcements
relating to Society affairs published in the Official Journal
and/or Newsletter shall be deemed to have been brought to
the attention of all members of the Society.
Section 4. Technical Division Publications
Technical Division publications shall be authorized provid-
ed that they do not conflict with, or detract from, the Official
Journal, and clearly indicate that they are issued by a Techni-
cal Division of the Society.
Section 5. Region Publications
Regions shall be authorized to publish newsletters and other
technical publications as appropriate to disseminate infor-
mation of concern to the Region. Those normally shall be fi-
nanced from Region funds.
Section 1. Official Seal and Insignia
The Society shall have an official seal and insignia, with the
original on file in the headquarters of the Society.
Section 2. Uses of the Seal, Insignia and Logo
The official seal and insignia (and/or a logo authorized by the
Board of Directors) shall appear on correspondence, docu-
ments, and publications and on banners, flags, membership
pins and other such devices of the Society.
Section 3. Changes
Changes to the official seal and insignia shall require a two-
thirds vote of the Directors present at a duly convened Board
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