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Speaker Registration Policy

All oral and poster presenters are required to register at the appropriate registration rate within 60 days of the e-mail notification of their presentation acceptance.  Oral and poster presenters who give their presentations at the conference will receive a rebate reflecting the difference between the Full Registration Rate and the appropriate Full Presenter Registration Rate ($115 rebate for ASPRS Members, $95 rebate for Non-members). Rebates are issued only to eligible presenters who complete the Speaker Rebate Form (available at the conference) and submit it by the deadline stated on the form. Rebates will be issued within 30 business days after the conference.

If the original presenter who received the notice of acceptance appoints someone else to present their work, the substitute must register at the appropriate Full Registration Rate within the 60 days after notification of acceptance. If the substitute attends the conference and gives the presentation, they will be eligible for the above-mentioned rebate as noted above. The original applicant will not be eligible for the rebate.

Presenters who do not register within the above noted time limit will be dropped from the program and all listings will be removed from the Preliminary Program, online information and Conference Proceedings.

No rebates will be issued to any presenter or moderator who cancels their registration.

There are no rebates paid to those registering at the Exhibitor, Student, Complimentary or Presenter Daily rates.  An eligible presenter will receive only one rebate, no matter how many presentations they give at the conference.

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Home Contact Us Other Misc Speaker Registration Policy