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Home Education Students Student Chapters & Faculty Advisors

Student Chapters & Faculty Advisors


Websites & Faculty Advisors

Columbia River Region

Oregon State University
Oregon State University (Corvallis) student chapter
Michael Wing (Faculty Advisor)

Portland State University
Portland State University student Chapter
Jiunn-Der (Geoffrey) Duh (Faculty Advisor)

University of Oregon (Eugene)
Nick Kohler (Faculty Advisor)

E_Great Lakes Region

California University of PA
Thomas R. Mueller, GISP (Faculty Advisor)

The Ohio State University
Carolyn J. Merry (Faculty Advisor)

Florida Region

Florida State University
Xiaojun Yang (Faculty Advisor)

University of Florida
Bon Dewitt (Faculty Advisor)

University of South Florida
Barnali Dixon (Faculty Advisor)

Heartland Region:

Missouri State University
Missouri State University student chapter

University of Kansas
Mount Oread Chapter

University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma student chapter 
May Yuan (Faculty Advisor)

University of Arkansas
Jason Tullis (Faculty Advisor)


Intermountain Region

The Idaho State University
Keith T. Weber (Faculty Advisor)

University of Utah
George F. Hepner (Faculty Advisor)

Mid-South Region

Murray State University
Haluk Cetin (Faculty Advisor)

Texas State University – San Marcos
Wade Martyn (Faculty Advisor)

Mississippi State University
David Evans (Faculty Advisor)

University of Southern Mississippi
Jerry Griffith (Faculty Advisor)

University of Georgia
Marguerite Madden (Faculty Advisor)

University of Texas at Austin

Eugenio Arima (Faculty Advisor)

University of Texas at San Antonio
Hongjie Xie (Faculty Advisor)

University of Houston

Craig Glennie (Faculty Advisor)

Texas A&M University
Sorin Popescu (Faculty Advisor)

Northern California Region

Humboldt State University
Dr. Mahesh Rao (Faculty Advisor)

California State University, Fresno
James Crossfield (Faculty Advisor)

Sacramento Region Student Chapter
American River College
Nathan Jennings (Faculty Advisor)

San Francisco State University
Trish Foschi (Faculty Advisor)

Potomac Region

George Mason University
Anthony Stefanidis (Faculty Advisor)

Northern Virginia Community College   
Michael Krimmer (Faculty Advisor)

Puget Sound Region

Puget Sound Region Student Chapter
L. Monika Moskal (Faculty Advisor)

Rocky Mountain Region

University of Denver
Sharolyn Anderson (Faculty Advisor)

Montana Student Chapter
Rick Lawrence (Faculty Advisor)

New Mexico State University
Michaela Buenemann (Faculty Advisor)

Southwest US Region

Arizona State University
Soe Myint (Faculty Advisor)

Northern Arizona State University
Neil S. Cobb (Faculty Advisor)

San Diego State University
Douglas A. Stow (Faculty Advisor)

University of Arizona
Willem J. D. van Leeuwen (Faculty Advisor)
Michaela Buenemann (Faculty Advisor)

University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Barbara student chapter
Dar Roberts (Faculty Advisor)

Western Great Lakes Region

Indiana State University
Qihao Weng (Faculty Advisor)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Chapter
Changshan Wu (Faculty Advisor)

University of Minnesota Student Chapter
Joseph F. Knight (Faculty Advisor)

Michigan Technological University Student Chapter
Eugene Levin, CP (Faculty Advisor)

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Home Education Students Student Chapters & Faculty Advisors