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PECORA 20- 2017 –Sioux Falls, South Dakota
November 14-16, 2017

With emphasis on recent significant developments in remote sensing,
the theme of Pecora 20 is “Observing a Changing Earth, Science for
Decisions…Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection.”

The Pecora Symposium series was established by the USGS and NASA in
the 1970s as a forum to: 1) foster the exchange of scientific
information and results derived from applications of Earth observing
data to a broad range of land-based resources; and 2) discuss ideas,
policies, and strategies concerning land remote sensing.

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ASPRS Board Meetings

Friday, June 30, 12 noon Eastern Time —  Agenda:  Prelim 2016 Financials, Membership Drive, Web/IMIS Progress, TDDC and Regions Work Read More

The Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting Annual Meeting 2017 Abstract Deadline – 1 August 2017 Early Registration Deadline – 18 August 2017 Meeting Dates 22-25 September 2017 Read More

PECORA 20- 2017 –Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  PECORA 20- 2017 –Sioux Falls, South Dakota November 14-16, 2017 With emphasis on recent significant developments in remote sensing, Read More

SPIE Remote Sensing 2017

Dates: 11 – 14 September 2017 Registration: Open: May 2017 Close: August 2017 Submission Date: Abstract: 13 March 2017 MSS: Read More

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ASPRS schedules numerous events throughout the year. In addition to
our yearly conference, we also host a number of regional events and
industry specific events such as UAS and LIDAR events, as well as our
online Webinar Series. Our events are attended by top-rated industry
experts and organizations both governmental and corporate entities
involved in imaging and geospatial activities. Attendees come from
countries throughout the world.

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About our Conferences

Our conferences are the standard for industry technologies and are attended by thousands from the geospatial community each year providing state of the industry workshops, proceedings, papers and ideas.

Attending our conferences and events benefits attendees by providing access and insights about new technologies, like drones and driverless vehicles, and what the future holds for these disruptive geo-technologies. In addition networking with leading professionals in mapping and geo-business can help you to be more successful in your profession. Students and job seeks in the industries benefit by finding out about career opportunities in the rapidly expanding geospatial information technology professions.

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