Region Home Page

The Mid-South Region of ASPRS encompasses:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

Our Mid-South Student Chapters include:

  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • University of Georgia
  • Murray State University
  • Mississippi State University.

Mid-South Region Chapter

  • The East Tennessee Chapter
    Lora Meadows, Oak Ridge National Lab

Mid-South Region Leadership:

President: David Hughes

Vice-President: Dr. Robin Zhang

Past-President: Demetrio Zourarakis

Secretary: Jessica Bobeck

Treasurer: Jessica Bobeck

Mid-South Meeting Recording October 8, 2020

Mid-South_Bylaws Revised 2018

Mid South Region Executive Board
Elected Officers
Position Person Contact Email
President David  Hughes hughesdc@ornl.gov
Vice-President Robin Zhang robin.zhang@murraystate.edu
Past-President Demetrio Zourarakis demetrio.zourarakis@gmail.com
Secretary and Treasurer Jessica  Bobeck bobeckjm@ornl.gov
Alabama State Representative 1 Wubishet Tadesse wubishet.tadesse@aamu.edu
Alabama State Representative 2 Rob Griffin robert.griffin@nsstc.uah.edu
Georgia State Representative 1 Max Rodrigue max.rodrigue@merrick.com
Georgia State Representative 2 Allen  Brock abrock@imcmapping.com
Kentucky State Representative 1 Chris Lamm chris.lamm@murrayky.gov
Kentucky State Representative 2 Christopher Morris christopherdmorris@gmail.com
Mississippi State Representative 1 Shrinidhi  Ambinakudige shrinidhi@geosci.msstate.edu
Mississippi State Representative 2 Gabriel Griffin ggg65@msstate.edu
South Carolina State Representative 1 Todd Greenwood tmg5805@psu.edu
South Carolina State Representative 2 Grayson Morgan morgangr@email.sc.edu
Tennessee State Representative 1 Rupesh Shrestha shresthar@ornl.gov
Tennessee State Representative 2 Matthew  McCarthy mccarthymj@ornl.gov
Appointed Officers
Chapter Liaison Committee Co-Chair VACANT
Student Chapter Liaison Committee Co-Chair VACANT