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Mission: The Early-Career Professionals Council (ECPC) engages and mentors early-career professionals, advocates continuing education, and fosters positive relationships between members transitioning from the member with Student distinction to the member without that distinction. ECPC encourages the dissemination of professional and institutional knowledge and standards through education, mentoring and technical opportunities; and work closely with the Society’s membership staff, Student Advisory Council, and Sustaining Members Council to strengthen the Society and its members.

      • Showcasing success stories and celebrating the achievements of geospatial professionals, in particular, ASPRS members. This will provide inspiration and motivation for others as they embark on their professional journey.
      • Increased social media engagement including member spotlights, with the goal of growing the awareness of the ECPC community and its benefits
      • Professional development initiatives primarily through the continuation of the ECPC Mentors Podcast but also investigating and implementing additional opportunities
      • Promoting and advocating for certification and providing opportunities to enhance the success rate for those completing the certification and examination process

The Council consists of four ASPRS members, with new officers appointed by the current council members in an application/ review/election process. The Council consists of four roles: Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair; each position is held for a period of one year with the transition during the annual conference.

Greg Stamnes

Deputy Chair
Jordan Hicks

Immediate Past Chair
Youssef Kaddoura

Mentorship Program

The ASPRS Early Career Professional Council (ECPC) has pioneered a mentoring program focused on young professionals (post-students through age 35).    After college graduation, individuals may no longer be engaged in regular interaction in a scientific community with structured milestones of achievement, working toward goals.  Additionally, they are faced with career choices and challenges requiring informed decisions. The mentoring program is designed to connect individuals with seasoned professionals that can offer insights to help add context, guidance and support to their professional development efforts.  Mentors sign up online to offer support in specific areas of specialization, and mentees can reach out to the mentors of their choice to begin the process, with ECPC's support along the way.

We meet every Wednesday at 1:00 pm (ET) and everyone is invited to join!
We also invite special guest for our Mentors Podcast.  
You can submit your questions, join the live podcast or watch the recording on YouTube.
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