Mission Statement
The mission of the Electronic Communications Committee is to enable the ASPRS to fully utilize state-of-the-art multi-media networking capabilities as an effective ways to:

  • Keep ASPRS members and the general public informed of the society’s purpose functions and activities
  • Improve/expand interaction with Society members and the general public
  • Facilitate advise and recommend policy direction if/when ASPRS decides to provide electronic versions of PE&RS and/or other publications
  • Serve as a source for access to world-wide sources of spatial data

The Electronic Communications Committee will focus on the following niches:

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the ASPRS website Editor
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of a hierarchy of linked pages for national and regional Society programs
  • Give oversight/guidance on aesthetic technical social and legal issues relating to multimedia based electronic information services provided by the Society.
  • Evaluate issues and establish policy for limiting access to some electronic services publications and data sets only to Society members
  • Examine/evaluate appropriate security techniques for limiting access to some data sets and for purchasing digital versions of publications
  • Recommend policy on the issue of advertising by Society sponsors within the context of the multimedia network environment

General Goals

  • On the ASPRS website Society members and the general public are provided a comprehensive juncture to world-wide sources of spatial data. Users of the site can consult a current calendar of society and related events information on joining the society an index to all past issues of PE&RS with abstracts of all articles listings of employment opportunities one or two current articles from PE&RS browse through descriptions of items available at the ASPRS bookstore and “eavesdrop” on several Society forums developed from each region/division.
  • Society members using appropriate security measures can access a complete electronic version of current or past issues of PE&RS search the membership list for specific names and order selected items from the ASPRS bookstore in digital form. Members may participate in discussions held on a variety of ASPRS forums.
  • The ASPRS headquarters office provides email service for each individual staff member multi-media access to world-wide electronic information services and the ability to change/add/update information provided on the ASPRS website. Supported by expertise at the ASPRS headquarters office and/or the website editor individual ASPRS regions/divisions maintain their own sites linked to the ASPRS national site providing regional services and information to Society members and to the public.


Officers & Members

Meetings & Minutes

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Getting Involved

  • Are you a geek?
  • Are you a webmaster?
  • Are you a communications professional?
  • Are you interested in helping ASPRS grow?

If you said yes to any of these questions you should join the… Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)

What is the ECC?
The ECC works with ASPRS Staff to support the upgrade of the Society’s website and recommend action for keeping electronic communications for the Society current. They also work on helping Regions improve their web presence and assist ASPRS membership with technical issues on the web.

Want to learn more?
Join the ECC for their next virtual meeting. Contact ECC Chair Joshua McNary at jmcnary@aerialservicesinc.com with questions or to get an invite to the next meeting.