Description of Constituency
As the committee responsible for matters dealing with publishing Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS) the Journal Policy Committee’s membership includes the entire constituency of ASPRS.

Vision Statement
PE&RS is the major vehicle through which ASPRS fulfills its vision of “providing the highest quality spatial information to all people for effective decision-making and better understanding to improve their quality of life.” The Journal Policy Committee will ensure that PE&RS fulfills that vision.

Mission Statement
JPC’s mission is to ensure that PE&RS fully supports the mission of ASPRS “to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences to promote the responsible application of photogrammetry remote sensing geographic information systems and supporting technologies.”

Niche Statement
JPC fills the following niches:

  • Responsibility for editorial and policy matters related to publishing PE&RS.
  • Responsibility for ensuring that PE&RS addresses (but is not limited to) the Society’s niches as identified in the current ASPRS Niche Matrix to:
    • promote establish and facilitate core and supporting technologies;
    • integrate and apply core and supporting technologies; and
    • advance responsible practice.
  • Responsibility for reviewing complaints lodged by authors about manuscript reviews and if necessary acting as the final arbiter regarding the acceptability of papers for publication.

Goals and Tactical Actions

Goal 1 – Ensure quality of PE&RS content
Tactical Actions:

  • Strengthen PE&RS review process by
    • clarifying acceptance standards
    • limiting number of times a paper is returned for revision
    • conducting rigorous reviews
  • Solicit papers from leading researchers
  • Solicit special thematic issues

Goal 2 – Ensure timeliness of PE&RS content
Tactical Actions:

  • Streamline the review process
  • Maintain an acceptable backlog of peer-reviewed articles
  • Investigate avenues for providing more pages in PE&RS for publication of peer-reviewed