The Forensic Working Group is dedicated to the effective scientific application and presentation of Photogrammetric science to the courts, government, business and general public through analysis, reporting, testimony and educational outreach. The Forensic Working Group applies peer reviewed industry science and best practices to real world scenarios involving image, video and survey data in order to form positional, motion or mapping opinions that can be conveyed to a non-technical audience.

Composed of practitioners, scientists, scholars, and litigators, members of the Forensic Working Group members operate in accordance with ASPRS ethics and the scientific foundations established by the Photogrammetric Applications Division. The members of the Forensic Working Group serve as triers of fact in all facets of private and public sectors, measuring and calculating relational and absolute positional, speed, acceleration and energy data.



Officers & Members

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Doug Carner (CHAIR): surveillance photogrammetry
Christopher Curtis: unspecified specialty
Cliff Mugnier: Photogrammetrist and Mapping
Dr. Chuck Olson: unspecified specialty
Dr. Clive Fraser: accident reconstruction and UAV
David Stolarz: unspecified specialty
Ed Freeborn: crime-accident reconstruction / 3D
Eugene Liscio: Single Camera Photogrammetry
Grant Federicks: unspecified specialty
Dr. James Hipple: unspecified specialty
Jeff Glickman: Forensic Imaging
Karen Schuckman: Photo and terrain interpretation
Dr. Katie Corcoran: LIDAR and spectroscopy
Dr. Michael Most: unspecified specialty
Dr. Riadh Munjy: aerial mapping
Dr. Rick Crowsey: aerial and cluster analysis
Robert Frost: unspecified specialty
Dr. Stewart Walker: unspecified specialty
Unigue Liskio: unspecified specialty
Aidan Allenbaugh: unspecified specialty


Meetings, Current Activities & Minutes


Getting Involved

The Forensic Working Group is accepting new members and exploring methods to provide peer review endorsements, educational webinars, and collaborative forums. More information at our group website and discussion group. Please contact the Forensic Working Group chair if you would like to get involved.