ASPRS PDAD / UAS Committee Meeting



May 23rd 2014 – 1 PM CDT

Dial +1 (213) 493-0602

Access Code: 552-424-082


Chair: Pierre le Roux




1.       Welcome and Roll Call

2.       Items

a.       Meeting at AUVSI 2014 and AUVSI 2014

1.       Attendees: Bruce Quirk,Jeff Sloan,Jack Ruskai,Brain Potter,Brian Murphy,Ryan Burley,Kelly Downs

2.       Reno Show Promotion ( also met with Reno Team (Tina))

3.       Outreach:

a.       AUVSI


c.       UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA NORTH DAKOTA & others including community colleges.



f.       Technology and Service Providers … Multiple

b.      Organization:

                                                               i.      Committee Website:

1.       We finally have full access to edit and update the Committee Website (

2.       Note ASPRS Position Statement on UAS at

                                                             ii.      Policy:

1.       We do not comment on litigation issues involving commercial UAS / FAA.

2.       We are supportive of the relevant legislative and regulatory organizations to present science facts and objective observations to assist in developing a sustainable and pragmatic macro-environment for commercial deployment of UAS in ASPRS areas of interest.

                                                            iii.      UAS Task Force

1.       Recommendations at

                                                           iv.      New “web home” in development –

1.       All content / social media postings to published under the guidance of the editorial board (Gabe Ladd Pierre le Roux Brian Murphy)

2.       We are posting the backlog of information to the current committee website and will migrate relevant documentation to but this will be done under the guidance of the editorial board.

                                                             v.      Vacancies:

1.       Secretary ( perhaps from Student Council ?)

c.       Sub Committees / Workgroups :

1.       Dean Merchant is leading the “METRIC CALIBRATION OF THE AERIAL CAMERA SYSTEM COMMITTEE” [MCACSC].  We have a number of volunteer members here already and if someone else interested in participating then please contact Dean or Pierre. Work of the committee will include improvements in the existing ASPRS guidelines for camera calibration including tasks for including IMU image quality and UAS.

2.       Proposed: Direct Georeferencing

a.       The Direct Georeferencing Committee/Workgroup provides participants with a good understanding of the concept of direct georeferencing (directly measuring the exterior orientation parameters of each single image using GPS-aided Inertial data). In principal direct geo-referencing allows for the elimination of the aerial triangulation and ground control from the mapping process except for quality assurance purposes. The goals of the committee are to: 

                                                                                                                                       i.      Share the university and industry experience on Direct Georeferencing through workshops courses meetings newsletters etc.

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Publish guidelines and specs on the ASPRS website and in PE&RS.

                                                                                                                                    iii.      Conduct special sessions on Direct Georeferencing (DG) in ASPRS and ISPRS conferences

                                          3.    Proposed: Licensing Outreach

                                                     a. This workgroup/committee will be the go-to team to work with state and local licensing boards on licensing issues re UAS as it relates to Surveying and Mapping.

4.       Proposed:  Global UAS Landscape

a.       Prepare an online (to be maintained at & PE&RS article that summarizes the state of UAS regulation as well as outlook for commercial deployment around the globe.

5.       From UAS Task Force Recommendations (still in progress) and somewhat edited:

a.       Outreach:  Conference organizing webinars volunteer coordination.

b.      Certification: 

                                                                                                                                       i.      Review current certifications and consider whether topics that specific to UAS Photogrammetry are tested on eg. machine/computer vision more rigorous mathematical approaches as a result of the larger angles / rotations we are dealt from UAS images Auto-Correlation etc.

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Establishment of certification for UAS operators (with immediate attention to providing service to returning military personnel with UAS operation skills).

c.       Coordination (Liaison):  Liaison with the FAA reporting to ASPRS on FAA regulatory issues maintaining the website data on FAA regulatory issues.  Coordination with AUVSI and other UAS stakeholder organizations.

d.      Standards/Best Practices:  Development of technical standards and best practices on UAS metric mapping.

e.      Social Media Presence



d.      Membership & Participation:

                                                               i.      Approximately 40-60 ASPRS Members have formally indicated interest in UAS. There must be more ….

                                                             ii.      Communication:

1.       Best ways to reach out ?

a.       Who ASPRS reads Facebook and Twitter ?

b.      Email Blasts – how effective ?

c.       Start using Constant Contact ?

e.      Upcoming  (UAS) Events with confirmed ASPRS Member Involvement:

                                                               i.      Northern California Region UAS Conference: October 2014

                                                              ii.      NuAir Alliance – September 2014

                                                             iii.      Pecora 19: November 17-20