With increasing nationwide activity to license photogrammetrists a need was realized that a photogrammetry-specific examination was not currently available and was needed. Grandfathering periods had closed in several states enacting laws to regulate photogrammetry without actually having a photogrammetry exam in place for new regulants. Subsequently any photogrammetrist desiring licensure in those states would be required to pass the full Land Surveyor examination. The Colonial States Board for Land Surveyor Registration (CSBLSR) was approached to develop a photogrammetry-specific exam. CSBLSR requested assistance from ASPRS in developing the exam materials. Mike Renslow and Robert Burtch attended a CSBLSR writing session in New Hampshire in 2004. A session was subsequently planned for the ASPRS spring conference in Baltimore 2005. A number of ASPRS professionals participated in the session held in Baltimore (the minutes from this session can be viewed in the Committee Documents links below).


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