Call for PE&RS Special Issue Submissions

Innovative Methods for Geospatial Data using Remote Sensing and GIS

Internationally comparable data is a global need for managing resources, monitoring current trends and taking actions for sustainable living. Even though there has been a significant progress on geospatial data availability, extensive data gaps are still a major problem for general assessment and supervise the progress through the years. According to United Nations 2022 The Sustainable Development Goals Report, while health and energy sectors have the highest data available, limited data available for climate action.

The COVID-19 crisis has also shown that there are innovative data collection methods utilizing information and computer technologies. However, only 5% of the countries have benefit from remote sensing technologies to measure the impact of COVID-19. Additionally, novel approaches such as artificial intelligence should be used in conjunction with assessments to make sure they are put to use for critical situations.

The recent developments in remote sensing, geographic information systems and ICT have provided a wide accessibility to create geospatial data for various purposes. The proposed special issue focuses on “Innovative Methods for Geospatial Data using Remote Sensing and GIS” for wide range of applications. This special issue aims to bring researchers to share knowledge and their expertise about innovative methods to contribute to fill data gaps around the world for a better future. 

The proposed special issue aims to contributes ASPRS’s key mission on ‘Simplify and promote the use of image-based geospatial technologies for the end-user’, ‘Promote collaboration between end users and geospatial experts to match data and technology to applications and solutions’ and ‘promote the transfer of geospatial data and information technology to developing nations’ by providing innovative methods to create geospatial data using remote sensing and geographic information systems utilizing state-of-the-art developments and solutions.

Deadline for Manuscript Submission—July 1, 2023

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Guest Editors

Dr. Tolga Bakirman, , Yildiz Technical University, Department of Geomatic Engineering, Davutpasa Campus, 34220 Esenler-Istanbul/Turkey

Dr. George Arampatzis,, Technical University Crete, School of Production Engineering & Management, 73100 Chania – Crete/Greece