2017 Award Winners

ASPRS Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

Clive Fraser

Russell G. Congalton

The Photogrammetric Fairchild Award

Lewis Graham

ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA)

Google Earth Engine Team

Developers: Rebecca Moore, Matt Hancher, Noel Gorelick, Mike Dixon, Simon Ilyushchenko, and David Thau

ASPRS Fellow Award

Qassim A. Abdullah

ASPRS Outstanding Service Award

Qassim Abdullah

Lewis Graham

Karen Schuckman

Alan Stevens

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

Chunyuan Diao

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Mischler

Presidential Citations

ASPRS Headquarters Staff; Matthew Austin, Rae Kelley, Priscilla Weeks and Jesse Winch

Clifford Greve

Roberta Lenczowski

Birdseye Citation

Charles Toth

ASPRS Conference Management Awards

Conference Director, Karen Schuckman

Technical Program Director, Jerome J. Lenczowski

Workshop Coordinator, Amr Abd-Elrahman

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship

Fangning He

Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Jackson

John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information (ILI) Memorial Scholarship

Shan Yu Chuan

William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship

Yanjun Su

Leica Scholarship

Su Zhang

The Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Castillo

Ta Liang Memorial Award

Caren Remillard

Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship

Aryn Cowley

Boeing Award for Best Scientific Paper in Image Analysis and Interpretation

​Yan Li, Lin Zhu, Kikuo Tachibana, Hideki Shimamura, and Manchun Li for “Morphological House Extraction from Digital Surface Model and Imagery of High-Density Residential Areas,” PE&RS, 82 (1), 21.

The John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers

1st Place:

John W. Gross and Benjamin W. Heumann for “A Statistical Examination of Image Stitching Software Packages for Use with Unmanned Aerial Systems” PE&RS 82 (6), 419.

2nd Place:

Fangning He and Ayman Habib for “Automated Relative Orientation of UAV-Based Imagery in the Presence of Prior Information for the Flight Trajectory,” PE&RS, 82 (11), 879.

3rd Place:

Jay M. Vincelli, Fatih Calakli, Michael A. Stone, Graham E. Forrester, Timothy D. Mellon, and John D. Jarrell for “Characterizing a Debris Field Using Digital Mosaicking and CAD Model Superimposition from Underwater Video,” PE&RS, 82 (3), 223.

The Esri Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS

Berdien De Roo, Britt Lonneville, Jean Bourgeois, and Philippe De Maeyer for “From Virtual Globes to ArcheoGIS: Determining the Technical and Practical Feasibilities,” PE&RS, 82 (9), 677.

The Talbert Abrams Award

Grand Award:

Dan Liu, Xuejun Liu, and Meizhen Wang for “Camera Self-Calibration with Lens Distortion from a Single Image,” PE&RS, 82 (5), 325.

First Honorable Mention

Yi-Hsing Tseng, Yung-Chuan Chen, and Kuan-Ying Lin for “Bundle Adjustment of Spherical Images Acquired with a Portable Panoramic Image Mapping System (PPIMS),” PE&RS, 82 (12),935.