2018 Award Winners

ASPRS Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael S. Renslow

The Photogrammetric Fairchild Award

Michael S. Renslow

ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA)

Dr. Heiko Hirschmüller

ASPRS Fellow Award

James R. Plasker

A. Stewart Walker

Roberta E. Lenczowski

Donald T. Lauer

ASPRS Outstanding Service Award

Charles Toth

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

Chunyuan Diao

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Mischler

Presidential Citations

ASPRS Headquarters Staff; Matthew Austin, Rae Kelley, Priscilla Weeks and Jesse Winch

Clifford Greve

Roberta Lenczowski

Birdseye Citation

Charles Toth

ASPRS Conference Management Awards

Conference Director, Karen Schuckman

Technical Program Director, Jerome J. Lenczowski

Workshop Coordinator, Amr Abd-Elrahman

Presidential Citations

2018 Recipients:

Alan Mikuni – for outstanding service to ASPRS in governance, certification, awards and mentorship.

Stewart Walker – for outstanding service to ASPRS as Treasurer.

Jerry Lenczowski – for dedication and service to ASPRS in conference planning.

Bruce Quirk – for dedication and service to ASPRS in technical program development.

John McCombs – for dedication and service to ASPRS in technical program development.

Brian Murphy – for service to ASPRS in social media development.

Jessica Fayne – for service to ASPRS in Rising Star program development.

And the following ASPRS Regions for their generous financial support of ASPRS:

Potomac Region

Florida Region

Pacific South-West Region

Columbia River Region

Alaska Region

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship

2018 recipient: Megan Miller

Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship

2018 recipient: Stephen Castillo

John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information (ILI) Memorial Scholarship

2018 recipient: Ryan Connal

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

2018 recipient:  Mingshu Wang

William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship
2018 recipient: Eleanor Davis

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

2018 recipient: Jason Blankenship

The Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship

2018 recipient: Caitlin Tran

Ta Liang Memorial Award

2018 recipient: Sean Cox

Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship

2018 Recipient: Hoa Tran

The John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers

2018 Recipients:

1st Place:  

John S. Iiames, Joseph B. Riegel, Kristen M. Foley, Ross S. Lunetta for “The Development and Evaluation of a High-Resolution Above Ground Biomass Product for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (2000)” PE&RS 83 (12), 293.

2nd place:  

Yinou Zhang, Xin Huang, Wei Yin, Dun Zhu for “Multitemporal Landsat Image Based Water Quality Analyses of Danjiangkou Reservoir” PE&RS 83 (9), 643.

3rd Place:   Orrin H. Thomas, Charlie E. Smith, Benjamin E. Wilkinson for “Economics of mapping Using Small Manned and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” PE&RS 83 (8), 581.

The Esri Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS

2018 Recipients:


1st Place:

Marcus D. Williams, Christy M.S. Hawley, Marguerite Madden, J. Marshall Shepherd for “Mapping the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Irrigation in the Coastal Plain of Georgia, USA” PE&RS 83 (1), 57.


Amina Rangoonwala, Cathleen E. Jones, Zhaohui Chi, Elijah Ramsey III for “Operational Shoreline Mapping with High Spatial Resolution Radar and Geographic Processing” PE&RS 83 (3), 237.


Gabor Barsal, Alper Yilmaz, Sudhagar Nagarajan, Panu Srestasathiern for “Registration of Images To Lidar and GIS Data Without Establishing Explicit Correspondences” PE&RS 83 (10), 705.

The Talbert Abrams Award

2018 Recipients:

Grand Award:   Jiayuan Li, Qingwu Hu, Mingyao Ai for “4FP-Structure: A Robust Local Region Feature Descriptor” PE&RS 83 (12), 813.

First Honorable Mention:  Chang Li, Hao Xiong for “A Geometric and Radiometric Simultaneous Correction Model (GRSCM) Framework for High-Accuracy Remotely Sensed Image Processing” PE&RS 83 (9), 621.

Second Honorable Mention:  Ruisheng Wang, Lei Xie, Dong Chen for “Modeling Indoor Spaces Using Decomposition and Reconstruction of Structural Elements” PE&RS 83 (12), 827.

Roger Hoffer Membership Award

2018 recipients:

Thomas Mueller 

Bon Dewitt 

Erik Brewster

Debra Blackmore

Woolpert, ASPRS Sustaining Member

Honorable Mention:

Barry Haack              

Jonathan Li                

Sudhagar Nagarajan   

Madeline Steele

Scholarships and Outstanding Paper Awards