2020 Award Winners

Scholarships and Outstanding Paper Awards

ASPRS Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

Marguerite Madden

The Photogrammetric Fairchild Award

Jie Shan

ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA)

USGS Digital Orthophoto Quad (DOQ)Technical Team: David Hooper, Lyman Ladner, George Lee and Randy Olsen.

Presidential Citations

Lorraine Amenda
Lucia Lovison
Marguerite Madden
Rakesh Malhotra
Mary Mayes
John McCombs
Mike Zoltek

ASPRS Fellow Award

John S. Iiames, Jr.
Riadh A Munjy
Tim Warner
Qihao Weng

ASPRS Outstanding Service Award

Roberta Lenczowski
Dave Maune
Michael S. Renslow
Stanley Morain
Amy Budge

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship

Abishek Poudel

Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship

Alberto Loera

John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information (ILI) Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Hanwell

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

Colin Doyle

William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship

Bo Peng

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

Wenhao Liu

The Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship

Trenton Holyfield

Ta Liang Memorial Award

Mohammad Abdul Qadir Khan

Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship

Lee Ann Nolan

John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers

1st Place:

Jarrod Edwards, John Anderson, William Shuart, and Jason Woolard for “An Evaluation of Reflectance Calibration Methods for UAV Spectral Imagery,” PE&RS, 85 (3)

2nd Place:

Gottfried Mandlburger for ”Through-Water Dense Image Matching for Shallow Water Bathymetry,” PE&RS, 85 (6)

3rd Place:

Zhixin Qi, Anthony Gar-On Yeh, and Xia Li for “Scattering-Mechanism-Based Investigation of Optimal Combinations of Polarimetric SAR Frequency Bands for Land Cover Classification,” PE&RS, 85 (11)

The Esri Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS

1st Place:

X. Wang, F. Rottensteiner, and C. Heipke for”Robust Structure From Motion Based on Relative Rotations and Tie Points,” PE&RS 85 (5)

2nd Place:

Andreas Wichmann, Amgad Agoub, Valentina Schmidt, and Martin Kada for “RoofN3D: A Database for 3D Building Reconstruction with Deep Learning,” PE&RS 85 (6)

3rd Place:

Harith Aljumaily, Debra F. Laefer, and Dolores Cuadra for ”Integration of Lidar Data and GIS Data for Point Cloud Semantic Enrichment at the Point Level,” PE&RS, 85 (1)

Talbert Abrams Award

Grand Award: Chang Li, Xiaojuan Liu, and Wei Lu for “An Image-Pyramid-Based Raster-to-Vector Conversion (IPBRTVC) Framework for Consecutive-Scale Cartography and Synchronized Generalization of Classic Objects,” PE&RS, 85 (3)

First Honorable Mention: Niclas Börlin, Arnadi Murtiyoso, Pierre Grussenmeyer, Fabio Menna, and Erica Nocerino for ”Flexible Photogrammetric Computations Using Modular Bundle Adjustment: The Chain Rule and the Collinearity Equations,” PE&RS, 85 (5)

Second Honorable Mention: Qiang Zhou, Shuguang Liu, and Michael J Hill for “A Novel Method for Separating Woody and Herbaceous Time Series,” PE&RS, 85 (7)

Region Awards:

Region of the Year:

1st Place: Rocky Mountain Region

2nd Place: Pacific Southwest Region

3rd Place: Potomac Region

Region Web Site and Newsletter of the Year:

1st Place: Rocky Mountain Region

2nd Place: Pacific Southwest Region

3rd Place: Potomac Region

Roger Hoffer Membership Award

Dr. Xiaojun Yang, Florida State University

Rising Stars

Amanda Aragon
Charles Krugger