2022 Award Winners

Scholarships and Outstanding Paper Awards

ASPRS Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA)
2022 Recipient: Bruno Scherzinger

Estes Memorial Teaching Award
2022 Recipient: Bon Dewitt

ASPRS Fellow Award
2022 Recipients:
Bruce K. Quirk
Haluk Cetin
Henry “Hank” Theiss

ASPRS Outstanding Service Award
2022 Recipients:
Mike Zoltek
Alper Yilmaz
Chris Parrish and Bandana Kar

Region Awards:
Region of the Year: Florida Region
Region Web Site and Newsletter of the Year: Tie: Eastern Great Lakes Region and the Potomac Region

Roger Hoffer Membership Award
2022 Honorable Mention:
Karen L. Schuckman

ASPRS Presidential Citations
2022 recipients:
Bobbi Lenczowski
Qassim Abdullah
Youssef Kaddoura
Stewart Walker
Melissa Martin
Demetrio Zourarakis
Bob Ryerson
Lucia Lovison

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship
2022 recipient: Pouyan Boreshnavard

Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship
2022 Recipient: James Jones

John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information (ILI) Memorial Scholarship
2022 recipient: Ashish Pandey

Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship
2022 recipient: Anais Zimmer

William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship
2022 recipient: Abishek Poudel

Government Services Scholarship
2022 recipient: Farid Qamar

Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship
2022 recipient: Oscar Duran

The Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship
2022 Recipient: Ashish Pandey

Ta Liang Memorial Award
2022 Recipient: Bryce Berrett

Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship
2022 Recipient: Ali Gonzalez-Perez

John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers
2022 Recipients:
1st Place: Bo Yu, Fang Chen, Ying Dong, Lei Wang, Ning Wang, and Aqiang Yang , “MSegnet, a Practical Network for Building Detection from High Spatial Resolution Images." PE&RS 87(12): 901-906.

2nd Place: Jiali Wang and Yannan Chen, “Digital Surface Model Refinement Based on Projected Images." PE&RS, 87(3): 181-187.

3rd Place: Joseph McGlinchy, Brian Muller, Brian Johnson, Maxwell Joseph, and Jeremy Diaz, “Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Impervious Surface Segmentation in Mixed Urban Environment." PE&RS 87(2): 117-123.

The Esri Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS
2022 recipients:
1st Place: Ningning Zhu, Bisheng Yang, Zhen Dong, Chi Chen, Xia Huang, and Wen Xiao, “Automatic Registration of MMS LiDAR Points and Panoramic Image Sequence by Relative Orientation Model." PE&RS, 87 (12): 913-922.

2nd Place: Yanyi Zhang, Yugang Tian, Lihao Zhang, “A Soil and Impervious Surface Adjusted Index for Urban Impervious Surface Area Mapping." PE&RS, 87 (2): 91-104.

3rd Place: Qiutong Yu, We Liu, Wesley Nunes Gonçalves, José Marcato Junior, Jonathan Li, “Spatial Resolution Enhancement for Large-scale Land Cover Mapping via Weakly Supervised Deep Learning." PE&RS, 87 (6): 405-412.

Talbert Abrams Award
2022 Recipients:
Grand Award:  Rongjun Qin, Xiao Ling, Xu Huang, “A Unified Framework of Bundle Adjustment and Feature Matching for High-resolution Satellite Images." PE&RS, 87(7): 485-490.

First Honorable Mention: Tian Zhou, Lisa M. LaForest, Seyyed Meghdad Hasheminasab, Ayman Habib, “System Calibration Including Time Delay Estimation for GNSS/INS-Assisted Pushbroom Scanners Onboard UAV Platforms." PE&RS, 87(10): 705-716.

Second Honorable Mention:  Joseph McGlinchy, Brian Muller, Brian Johnson, Maxwell Joseph, and Jeremy Diaz, “Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Impervious Surface Segmentation in Mixed Urban Environment." PE&RS, 87(2): 117-123.

GIS Division Meeting 

 The GIS Division invites all interested members to join us in our monthly meeting on the second Monday of every month at 4:00PM. The GIS Division has a number of initiatives – Education Outreach, GIS Day, One Day GIS Sessions, etc. and volunteers are needed to make things happen. We need leaders and practitioners who are passionate about GIS and are looking to making a difference and contributing to this field of interest. If you are a practicing GIS professional seeking to expand and broaden your skills, knowledge, network, and more, join us. Please send me an email (directorgis@asprs.org) . Once request is received a meeting link will follow.