2015 Award Winners

The John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers


First Place

Omar E. Mora Jung-kuan Liu M. Gabriela Lenzano Charles K. Toth and Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska

Small Landslide Susceptibility and Hazard Assessment Based on Airborne Lidar Data,” PE&RS 81 (3) 239-247.


Second Place (tie)

Craig Rodarmel Mark Lee John Gilbert Ben Wilkinson Henry Theiss John Dolloff and Christopher O’Neill

“The Universal Lidar Error Model,” PE&RS 81 (7) 543-563.


John Loomis Steve Koontz Holly Miller and Leslie Richardson

Valuing Geospatial Information: Using the Contingent Valuation Method to Estimate the Economic Benefits

of Landsat satellite Imagery,” PE&RS 81 (8) 647-668.



ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing


First Place

Michael Campbell Russell G. Congalton Joel Hartter and Mark Ducey

“Optimal Land Cover Mapping and Change Analysis in Northeastern Oregon Using Landsat Imagery.” PE&RS 81 (1) 37-47.


Second Place

Maryam Imani and Hassan Ghassemian

“Two Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analyses for Hyperspectral Data” PE&RS 81 (10) 777-786.



The Esri Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS


First Place

Tammy E. Parece and James B. Campbell

“Identifying Urban Watershed Boundaries and Area Fairfax County Virginia.” PE&RS 81 (5) 365-372.


Second Place

Muditha K. Heenkenda Karen E. Joyce Stefan W. Maier

“Mangrove Tree Crown Delineation from High-Resolution Imagery,” PE&RS 81 (6) 471-479.



The Talbert Abrams Award


Grand Award

Mehdi Mezaheri and Ayman Habib

“Quaternion-Based Solutions for the Single Photo Resection Problem,” PE&RS 81 (3) 209-217.


First Honorable Mention

Bo Wu Lei Ye and Yuansheng Yang

“Accuracy Analysis of a Dual Camera System with an Asymmetric Photogrammetric Configuration,” PE&RS 81 (3) 219-228.


Second Honorable Mention

Han Hu Qing Zhu Zhiqiang Du Yeting Zhang and Yulin Ding

“Reliable Spatial Relationship Constrained Feature Point Matching of Oblique Aerial Images,” PE&RS 81 (1) 49-58.